Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aprons and a Wristlet

Jennifer and I have both joined the Flirty Apron Swap this time around. I bought this book (shown above) when we joined the swap and it has so many great patterns in it. This past week, I tried out one of the patterns called "Deep Pockets" (shown below) and I love it so much! Of course, I love the fabric, too. It's from Heather Bailey's Bijoux and Pop Garden line from Freespirit.
The photos above are what I am thinking about using for my secret partner. She likes vintage prints from the 30's and 40's. The print with the feathers and ovals is a vintage feed sack. My sister gave it to me to use! Thanks Jenn! The other two prints are reproductions, but coordinate beautifully. I thinking of using the "Cakeland" pattern from the book and adding some ball fringe and rick rack to make it extra special. I hope my partner doesn't mind orange!

I also made another wristlet (with more Pop Garden and Bijoux) this past week to use at a wedding. It's again from Oh Fransson's wristlet pattern, this time it's style B1. It's a larger size than the other two wristlets (about 5" x 10") I made and it has a rounded corner on the bottom of the bag. It turned out to be a great size for taking to the wedding!



Harley Dee said...

Beautiful! I'm gonna HAVE to go buy this book now :) I thought I would get away with not owning it, but after seeing so many good things about, it's just gonna have to happen :)

twin fibers said...

Hi Harley Dee! The book is great, I think it has a lot of good patterns in it along with a good variety of styles. ~Jessica

The Ehles said...

I love to follow your blogg!! You have such a talent!! I just started sewing and am wanting to make aprons for christmas gifts. I have seen that book. Do you like it? Are the patterns pretty easy to follow? Have a great weekend!! :)

Stacy Ehle