Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crafty family

This quilt was a gift for my college graduation from my grandma

This quilt was made by my mom for my little baby boy- it has pockets that actually hold things!

I've always found it kind of weird that our girlfriends growing up would nick name us the "crafty family". I never really understood why anyone would do that - making things has just been a part of life. Now I realize how we are different and it is really fun! I just love creating things with my hands and making gifts for people. Jessica and I have been so blessed to receive some quilts from family members as gifts. Here are a couple that I have around my house. They are such great reminders of how special it is that someone would take the time to make me something. Don't you just love to give (and receive) homemade gifts! - Jennifer

This was a wedding present from my grandma (such a talented woman!)


Anne Kapinus said...

Wow - I just love the quilt your gramma made for graduation. It's so different! Any chance you could find out what the pattern is?

Lil D said...

What beautiful quilts! I love homemade gifts. I often chicken out of giving them, though. I always worry that they will seem cheap, but I think that's because I don't know crafty people. I would have loved to grow up in a crafty family - but at least these days I have the internet to show me how to do things and to answer my many questions.