Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hi everyone! For me, it seems like this month is just flying by! It's been filled with shopping, baking and some cleaning, too. I have managed to finish up a few projects that I really like. The first is called a snow mum pillow. It's made out of wool felt and adds such a suble seasonal touch to the couch. Although it is white, I managed to place it in a spot where few people sit, so hopefully it will stay clean! You can see my Christmas cactus in the background and it may actually bloom on Christmas this year!The next project that I finished is this snowflake wreath. It is also made out of wool felt and all the snowflakes are painstakingly cut by hand. I used glass glitter on the top layer of snowflakes to make them sparkle when you pass by it. You can find the directions here, but mine was made in a smaller size, so I added some of my own snowflake designs.
I'll leave you with some holiday decorating that I have been working on around the house. I hope you are also having fun preparing for Christmas!

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