Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Days

We had a snow day on Friday; it was great. We got over a foot of snow and my kids loved playing outside and I loved playing inside! I was able to make 4 valences and 2 pillows. The other two valences are by my craft area, they look the same so I didn't take another picture of them. They're in the same room, but on different walls. The valences and pillow are from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden and Bijoux fabric, of course. I love the bright and cheery colors!
The pillow above is made from a pack of fat quarters that I won a while ago from Jona. I sewed strips of random widths of fabric to create the front. The side has ties to close it and a piece of fabric to cover the pillow form. I have now been requested be a certain 9 year old to teach her how to make one too. We might get the chance today, as we are supposed to get another snow storm with lots of snow.

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Anonymous said...

Those are really cute! - Jenn