Friday, January 9, 2009

It was a great day at the thrift stores...

Well, I was a little sick of staying home yesterday... so, I packed up my son and we went shopping - to the thrift stores (I figure it is cheaper for me to go there than to the other stores and I just love to find a good bargin). Anyway, at the first store I found quite a few good vintage bed sheets - I was so excited! So that started the hunt- we went to a few more stores and found some really cute ones. Now, just what to make with them? Jessica has inspired me by her quilt, so maybe I'll find a pattern and start cutting away... who knows. For now they are all washed and ready to go. Anyone have a good pattern that showcases the fabric well? I'm looking for something that maybe has some larger pieces in it... thanks for your thoughts! - Jennifer

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Jodie said...

The pattern Yellow Brick Road might be a good option. I'm thinking of using my vintage sheets with that pattern. I'm also currently obsessed with a pattern called Bento Box. It's fun and very quick.

Both of you are inspiring me to get to work with my vintage sheets from the fabric exchange. I've made one quilt so far with the primary colors I received, but seeing all these pastels and florals reminds me of how inspiring they are!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!