Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kimberly Quilt ~ Completed

I finished up this quilt yesterday and washed and dried it last night. I always like seeing what the texture looks like when you take it out of the dryer.
This is my second attempt at free motion quilting. I was a lot less nervous trying it this time and it turned out much better. I can tell, with practice, that my stitches were coming out more evenly than the first time I tried it.
I do have another quilt top to practice the stippling on that I put together last week (with fabric from my scrap box) while I was waiting for my fabric orders to arrive. A big stack of the new Darla fabric just arrived and is waiting to be cut up for a future quilt. :)
The photo below is of the back. It's pieced together with some of the extra blocks and fabric I had.
I'm also working on the crayon apron pattern and should have that ready by tomorrow, if not earlier.


Anonymous said...

It's lovely! Do you have any good tips or resources for free-motion quilting? That's something I'd like to try, too.

Lisa said...

I just love this quilt! Awesome awesome awesome!

Bugzmommy said...

is there a pattern for this quilt? I really like the simplicity of the blocks and how it lets the fabric take the focus.

Thanks in advance!

Rebecka said...

Your quilt back is fabulous - uncomplicated but interesting!