Friday, January 9, 2009

Sew Connected ~ January

Here's my Sew Connected quilt block for Tracy. She sent out some really pretty, shimmery fabrics. The green in the center is silk and the cream with the design is printed in gold. The green strip even has stripes of gold in it. I usually don't pick fabrics with a shimmer, so it was fun to see how it worked out in this quilt block.

This was my first time designing a quilt block with triangles. I wanted to try something new and I think it worked out great. I had to calculate how to set a triangle on point (the center square) and then how to cut the other triangles in the corners with the correct seam allowances. I watched my seam allowances while sewing and all the triangles came out with all their points! I think Tracy's quilt is going to turn out great. It will be interesting to see how the silk fabrics stand out in each block (she sent 2 colors of green, but I only used the lighter one).


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John said...

This block looks sooo great! That's the best thing about these swaps -- I would never have chosen these fabrics myself, but Tracy clearly had a vision and seeing them all together now (and how well they work together) is so exciting. Now I can't wait to see her finished project!