Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vintage Sheet Quilt

I started cutting out the pieces to this quilt this past summer and I had it put away until Monday when I was inspired to finish it. It's all made out of pieces of vintage sheets and pillowcases. Some of the fabrics are from the fat quarters I received from the Vintage Sheet Swap. Others are from the sheets and pillowcase I started gathering last summer. The pattern for the quilt is called Olive Rose by Valori Wells. You can find the pattern here under the free patterns section. I did find quite a few mistakes in the pattern, so if you would like to make this quilt, I would be glad to send you the changes I made. (Oh, the blue dots are from pieces of tape I used to label each piece.)
There are 36 different fabrics in the quilt! It will end up being 80" x 80" when it is all sewn together. So far I have three of the four rows of squares sewn together. I think it has gone faster sewing it together than it took to cut all of the pieces out.
Somehow I find it difficult to take pictures of such a large quilt on the floor. It sure looks a lot better in person than in the picture above. Hopefully I can finish sewing it together today and post a picture of the quilt top tomorrow. :)

This is the first quilt block in the upper left corner of the quilt picture above. I tried to chose a mix of orange, yellow, blue, green, and pink for the majority of the fabrics. It's a crazy mix, but it's looking pretty good all sewn together.


erica e said...

this is fun. it'll make such a great SUMMERY quilt. that's what i think of when I see old sheets like this. hot summer nights when i was little, sleeping under just a sheet that looked something like this.

Thea said...

I would love to have your notes on changes to made to the pattern of your Vintage Sheet Olive Rose.

pocketofstones {at} gmail {dot} com

Thank you for your offer to share!

BTW, It's beautiful!

Janet said...

I would love to try this style quilt, if you wouldnt mind sending me your changes to the pattern!

Magdalena said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork!! I have been collecting vintage sheets and pillowcases and I am now at the point where I have enough to make a quilt. I would appreciate the corrections to the quilt pattern you used. Thanks. mvd001 {at} cox {dot} net

Vanessa said...

This is the perfect summer picnic quilt! I have been saving vintage sheets for ages just waiting to find the perfect pattern. If you still have the corrected pattern I would LOVE if you would send it to me. Gorgeous work!