Monday, March 23, 2009

Cuckoo Clock fabric design

I've been thinking and dreaming about a cuckoo clock fabric design for the past couple months, but have hit a stumbling block... You'll see I have part of it sketched out, and I desperately want to print it out on Spoonflower, but I am not that good at making it look like what I want it to in Photoshop- anyone have any ideas? any tricks of the trade? or want to exchange design services for some sewing? I'd ultimately like it to become a "damask" type of design with the same cuckoo clock repeated with maybe a couple more flowers in-between. I have coordinating fabric ideas in mind too, but haven't gotten over the hump of designing this one...

I've read through a good tutorial here - anyone know of any others that might suggest an easy way to taking a sketch to a printable design? Although I've worked on Photoshop quite a bit in the past, I am very new to this and finding that I may need some help to get to the next step... Anyway, thought I would ask and if you have the chance, leave me a comment with any ideas you might have. Thanks in advance! - Jennifer


Heidi said...

Spoonflower has a couple of features that will help you alternate/repeat the design. Take what you have now and go over and see how it works. It may help you. I don't know when they added the features, but I find out that you don't have to think to hard about the alternating stuff like you did during the beta of Spoonflower.

Current options: center, repeat, half-step, half-brick, Mirror and they have Picnik photo editor available now too!

Lisa said...

This is so COOL! I love cuckoo clocks and your idea for the "damask" idea? Absolutely freaking awesome!

This would be a really cute embroidery design, too.

I am sorry I am no help, but I am over here cheering for you! :o)

Kristin said...
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