Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monogrammed Baby Bibs

My little boy was in need of some new bibs and they wouldn't be complete without a monogram, of course! I used the bib pattern from Chickpea Sewing Studio, but it is just as easy to make one by tracing a favorite bib that you already have.
I easily made the letters by enlarging a font that I liked in a word processing program and tracing it off my computer screen.
I fused the monogram to the bib with Steam-a-seam and then stitched around them with a decorative stitch. If you try it, stitch slowly around the curved parts of the letter and it will turn out perfectly! A few of them have been washed and dried already, and they are holding up great.

I think I have one happy customer! :)



Lisa said...

Now that is a cute baby! That picture made me smile.

And the bibs are so sweet, too.

Anonymous said...

Those are too cute and what a good smile out of little d! - Jenn

Aimee said...

Great bibs! And what a cutie pie!

Kelly said...

Cute bibs, Cute Baby!!

jody said...

Hi Jessica,
The bibs are adorable! I have a baby shower that I'm going to at the end of the month and would like to make my cousin some homemade gifts. I've never used snaps before. Are they difficult to put in? How much is the tool used to put them in?

twin fibers said...

Hi Jody,
I think the snaps are really easy to do. I buy mine at JoAnn's (the store where I go, they are on the notions wall). I think you can buy some kits that use a plastic holder and then you hammer the snaps together. I bought the hand held tool that you squeeze and it pushes the snaps together (I'm not sure how much it cost). I've seen the kit with the plastic holder and it is much cheaper than the hand held thing. But if you use a JoAnn 40% off coupon, that would help.
I haven't had any problem putting them together. On some of the bibs, I was going through chenille and a layer of fabric and it worked great. I haven't had any pull apart or fall off. Hope that helps! ~Jessica

Lynette Anderson said...

What a gorgeous smile that baby has....must be becasue of the great bib he is wearing!

K Blan said...

Very cute!

Chris said...

Very cute. Where do you purchase the plain white bibs from?

twin fibers said...

Hi Chris!
I made the white bibs, too. They are terry cloth on one side and quilting cotton on the other. Please let me know if you have any more questions! Thanks! Jessica

Anonymous said...

these are adorable! as is everything on this blog!! do you sell these items? :)

thanks for sharing!!

Kate VanDerPloog