Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Look and Learn Quilt is Finished!

Look and Learn Quilt
I'm so happy to have finished this one!Look and Learn Quilt
I wasn't so sure about the colors in this quilt at first, but I really like it now that it has been quilted!
Quilt back with little helpers - Look and Learn Quilt
My little helpers are helping me with the picture taking today. I'm trying to get some better pictures of my quilts and taking them outside seems to help.
quilt binding - Look and Learn Quilt

Look and Learn Quilt Folded
The quilt measures 43" x 61". The pattern is called Daisy Chain from a book called Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott.

**ok, so I'm trying to take my photos from flickr and then compose my blog post... any ideas why all of the parts of the pictures are not shown... especially the top photo? any suggestions would be great! Thanks!**


Amy said...

Your photos look okay to me. I also use Flickr (but I have a Wordpress blog), so let me know if you continue having trouble and I'll see if I can help!

Beth said...

I *love* your scrappy binding!

Isa said...

The quilt is wonderful

Lisa said...

Very cute quilt- I love the binding!

I know nothing about the picture thing.

twin fibers said...

Thanks!! Yeah, I don't know much about the picture thing either. I guess I will leave it as it is and try again on my next post! :) oh well... :) Jessica

Anonymous said...

Very cute! That made quite a big quilt- I am surprized! Love the binding too! - Jenn

Ariane said...

I love it. The quilt is beautiful. The binding is very cool.

Kelly said...

Lovely quilt, I love how you did the back!

Amy said...

Beautiful quilt!

Make sure you have re-sized your photos in blogger to fit within the main column of your blog. i.e. if the main column is 500 px wide - your photo needs to be re-sized to be 500 px wide or part of it will be cut off... hope that helps

Judi said...

It is beautiful. I have just started the same one. It's so helpful being able to see the quilt I'm making made by others. So thank you for putting it on your blog.