Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Rainbow Quilt

My daughter and I have spent the past couple of days sewing and quilting a new quilt she has designed. We took a charm pack of these cute vintage looking prints and added 2.5" sashing. She loves dogs and this pack has a few cute puppy prints in it. It's really fun for me to spend some time making things with my girl! I hope we can make lots of quilts together. She spread all of her fabrics out on the floor and decided on a rainbow pattern. I then helped her sew it together and I tried to help her work on using a 1/4" seam allowance. She's doing really good and getting better each time we sew.

One of the things that made this project good to do with a 9 yr. old, was that it was quick to do. We started on Monday and I finished the hand sewing of the binding this morning.

Here are some tips that I think are helpful when sewing with kids:

Use fusible batting. That was really helpful, so that she didn't have to stop and remove pins while quilting and it's quick and easy to do.

Draw on the quilting lines with a washable marker. It makes it so much easier to get a straight line when you have something to follow. The brown (yes, brown) marker we used washed right out and the quilting looks great!

So, great job "K"! Your quilt turned out beautifully!



Ashley said...

The quilt turnd out great! She sews better than I do. What kind of fusible batting did you use? I am not familiar with that.

twin fibers said...

Hi Ashley,
The type of batting that I used is Hobbs Heirloom Fusible Cotton Batting. It worked great! I ironed on the top first, flipped it over and ironed on the backing (making sure to get out any wrinkles from ironing the front).


Wonderful! What a fabulous quilt your daughter made! Congratulations K, you've done a fantastic job! The quilt looks great!


Lisa said...

Wonderful job! I am so impressed that she did the quilting, too.

gmistudio said...

its amazing! i would love to sew a quilt with my daughter but she is 7 years old maybe i need to start with a small proyect...
congrats its really beautiful!

Aimee said...

So cute! what a fun project to work on together!

Isa said...

Good Job!!
I love rainbow quilts.
Maybe I should do this with my 9 yr old

Anonymous said...

It is adorable! Great job K!! - Aunt Jennifer

Jacki said...

I have the most talented niece!!! Great job big K!!!! Love you!