Friday, September 11, 2009

Car seat cover for the new baby!

So, I've been absent from the twinfibers blog for quite some time now.  I had a suspicion that Jessica might kick me out for my lack of participation and change the password on the blog, but as a sweet sister she didn't.  We're expecting baby #2 in early January - a little girl!  I'm so very excited and now feeling better and back into actually taking pictures of what I've been working on... so we'll see a few posts on a few past projects in the near future.
Since the new baby will be joining us in a couple months, I had in mind to make a cover for our car seat.  I never really did like the car seat fabric all that much to begin with and had been wanting to make a cover for it.  I had been scouring my favorite designer fabrics for the perfect combination and almost had them purchased but, while shopping at Marshalls the other day I found this cute cover and canopy by hot toddies baby gear for only $5.00 a piece!  It was in the clearance section marked down 5 times - had no packaging or labels, but I knew instantly what it was!  I definitely couldn't pass up that deal even though it looked a little boyish all in blues and greens... so what is a girl to do?  I thought a bright orange ruffle on the canopy would be a good start.  I'm considering doing a monogram on the canopy of the first letter of her name, but have to figure out how to do that first.  Don't know if I want a permanent application or one that I can eventually remove if another little one would join our family in the future.  Have you seen anything cute out in bloggy land lately for monograms?  I'll have to take a look around, but let me know if you know of anything...
Hope you all have a great start to the weekend! - Jennifer


Cristin said...

CUTE carseat cover! I didn't know b&m stores carried them - I SO have to go to Marshalls! Love the orange ruffle seriously. (I think you already know due to our Flickr Quilt-along) but I'll be sharing our good news tonight on my blog :-) I'm due March 30th! I have this travel system in mind.. and a car seat cover could totally make it cool :-)

Jodie said...

Congratulations! Cute car seat cover.