Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the Munki Notebook Cover

Patchwork Notebook - front
My daughter needed to decorate a composition notebook for her journal at school this past week. Instead of pasting pictures and writing all over the front, we thought we would make a removable cover.
Front close up

We took apart some Munki Munki pj's and used the front pocket on the front of the cover. I added the inside tag to the pocket because she needed a place to write her name on the outside. It was perfect.... there's a tiny spot to write your name under the hanging little monkey.
Inside the front cover

Here are the inside and outside views of the cover. I used the rolled hem on the serger to finish off the edges. It was quick and easy and doesn't make it too bulky.
Inside the back cover
I hope she thinks of her mama and how much fun we had picking out fabrics and sewing it together everytime she has to write!


Meg said...

I love it! So much cooler than stickers!

Aimee said...

Adorable! What a lucky girl!

Jessica said...

that is so cute...what a great idea with the pocket on the front!!