Monday, October 5, 2009

My Flea Market Fancy Quilt

The start of my Flea Market Fancy Quilt
I've been wanting to start this quilt for a while now. I gathered most of the fabrics from swapping, since these are going for crazy high prices on etsy and ebay! It took quite a while to cut all of the pieces, so I think sewing it together will be the easy part. I have the first row together, 3 more more to go.
The start of my Flea Market Fancy Quilt
The blues, greens and browns are going to coordinate perfectly in my house. I plan on hanging this quilt on the wall in my dining area by the kitchen. I can't wait to see it hanging there!
Pattern: Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt


Aimee said...

That will look beautiful! Thanks for posting the link to the pattern - I didn't know that was there. I think it's the same as Hop Skip or whatever it's called from her book, but I don't own the book so it's great to have a free pattern!

The Humming Cat said...

Looking forward to seeking your finishe quilt, I love this fabric too.

A La Mode fabric said...

I can't wait until I'm that guttsie to cut my FMF { hehehe }... you give me courage!


Leslie said...

beautiful...i love those fabrics