Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vintage Felt Embroidery

Felt embroidery
I really liked this piece of embroidery that I bought at an antique store quite a few years ago, but I wasn't really sure what to do with it until I came across some felt embroidery kits online. I love how simple they are... the pieces are all precut for you and they're cut out of nice wool felt.
Felt embroidery work in progress
I'm working on this rather large piece right now. The white flowers will all get more layers in the middle.
Felt embroidery work in progress

Felt embroidery work in progress
I work on them a little bit each evening after the kids are in bed. It's great to do something productive while the tv is on.
Felt embroidery work in progress
This one with the pink background gets a really large layered pink and hot pink flower in the center. I have to iron the petals first, as they have been crammed in a package for a long time.
Felt embroidery
And this little one is all ready for framing.  The colors of the felt in the kits happen to be really nice, too. I especially like one with the blue background and the white flowers. The small one above (with the mustard color background) really stands out to me as being obviously from the 70's, but I like it anyway. :)
Felt embroidery
So, I'll keep working and posting about the progress on these. I have a couple of other kits that will be added to the grouping, too. When they are finished, I'm planning on framing them and then hanging them all together. I'd really like them to be framed with glass, but they are quite a dimensional piece of artwork, so I'll have to figure that one out when the time comes. It would just help to spare them of little fingers and dust. :)


SewCalGal said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love your floral garden!


Beth said...

Where do you get your kits? Lovely!

Aimee said...

Really lovely. I love the vintage quality they have. Do you mind sharing where you bought the kits? Thanks!

ruby-jo said...

Wow they looks absolutely fantastic!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project! Those are going to look so great as a grouping. I'd also like to know where you got those kits....they look like a lot of work, but so pretty!

Jennifer said...

I love these! Aack! I must have one!

Mahalakshmi said...

Awesome!I love your felt garden.Cant take my eyes of this.............

Jane Blogs said...

Wow, I love this idea!

~ Especially love the colours in your 'found' embroidery piece. They're exactly the colours of my blog!

Shane Marshal said...

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