Monday, December 7, 2009

Daisy Felt Embroidery

Daisy Felt Embroidery

Daisy Felt Embroidery
I suppose these could be called daisies, but I think they look more like black-eyed susan flowers to me. It's the last of the large size embroideries that I have to do. I started playing around with making my own felt flowers and embroidery, but I'll save that for a later time when I have some more things done with that. These kits sure have been inspiring and a lot of fun to work on.
Daisy Felt Embroidery
Now, I'm going to start thinking about how to frame all of these. I put together this collection (photo below) to try and see what they all might look like together. Although the scale is totally off.... the top two on the left are really large and the others smaller.
Felt Embroidery Collection
It's looking good and it makes me happy to see them all together. :)
I have also done some sewing this weekend and made some pillowcase dress/tunic tops. I'm putting together a tutorial for how I made them, so hopefully that will be ready for tomorrow! They're super cute and easy (and my 10 yr. old will even wear them)!


Leslie said...

this is so pretty

Beth said...

These are just absolutely gorgeous! i'll be keeping an eye out for sets like these, but making up your own would be great fun -- a great idea for a swap!

Tatkis said...

Your flowers are so beautiful!