Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Modern Rainbow Garden Quilt Top

Modern Rainbow Garden Quilt
I'm so excited to have finished sewing together this quilt top! I have sketched out many designs on graph paper lately and decided to make this one into a quilt. These geometric designs really appeal to me, so I think I'll be making up more in the next year.
Modern Rainbow Garden Quilt Closeup
It has lots of (what I call) set-in seams.... I'm not sure of the proper name for it, but you partially sew a seam and then sew another and eventually sew everything together. It takes some extra time, but I really like how it has turned out!
Moden Rainbow Garden Quilt by window
The printed fabric is from a collection called "Rainbow Garden" by Prints Charming. Kona white and coal are the other 2 fabrics. I'll start working on the backing this afternoon. It will be made of more prints from the Rainbow Garden collection.
Modern Rainbow Garden Quilt Closeup


Amber said...

Wow Jessica - this is amazing! I cannot imagine how much time this must have taken but it really is spectacular! You need to make a pattern for this and sell it - so different and the perfect showcase for a special fabric!

Jenny said...

I love this quilt top. Can't wait to see the back...I have some of this print and wonder what to do with how you really set off this busy print. I agree with Amber, you should sell this pattern! really great!

twin fibers said...

Thank you, Amber!! :)Ok, now you've got me thinking!! Wouldn't this pattern be great as a bed sized quilt! ~Jessica

twin fibers said...

Thank you too, Jenny... I just saw your comment!

Cristin said...

Jenny its GORGEOUS! Do you mind if I add that to my Flickr gallery for baby quilt designs? I'm looking for something like that for my baby boy's crib quilt! Its just stunning, love the modern, geometric lines!!! Geez you're talented! ;-)

Michele said...

Very modern. Very, very cool.
What is giving it that dimensional look? It looks like siding. Is it just the seam allowances showing through? Is it the fabric?
While laying flat (the first pic), I didn't notice it at all. It looks very 3D-ish.

twin fibers said...

Hi Michele!
I think it looks that way because I hung the quilt top in front of one of my windows. So, with the light showing through, you can see the seam allowances. (it's not 3D... although that would be really cool)
Glad you like it, too!

Leslie said...

this quilt is amazing. i love did such a beautiful job.

Anonymous said...

Terrific design! I couldn't get by it without saying something.

Best wishes with it,

Laura said...

Oh this is going to be an absolutely gorgeous quilt! I love your geometric design and the fabric too! Can't wait to see finished pics :) Happy 2010!

MissM said...

This quilt is adorable. Would be cool to see a tutorial on the style of sewing that you used to sew your partial seams. :) Looks complicated...