Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pop Garden Squares Quilt

Hello! I finished the quilting and binding on this little quilt earlier this week. I'm not sure you can see much of it from the picture, but I did a diamond pattern this time. I had forgotten how fun and quick it was to make a smaller size quilt!

Here's where I hung it up. It's around the corner from the sewing room/play room. You'll have to excuse the mess... lots of crafting and playing going on there lately! The quilt was inspired by this flickr photo and Oh Fransson's Mixtape quilt pattern found here.

And this is what I have been working on the past few days! It's a twin sized quilt and I'm happy to say that I finished the hand stitching of the binding late last night! Woohoo!

Yesterday, all of these guys (a pack of turkey's) showed up at my front door! I was feeding little D and all of a sudden they were at my house. They all got scared away when I went running for the camera; I guess they were eating the berries off the holly bushes at the front of the house.

Jennifer and I are also getting a new look for the blog! Hopefully that will be ready soon, and then I think we should celebrate with a giveaway! :) Stay tuned!


Beth said...

I love pop garden s much. This looks fantastic!!

Cristin said...

Both quilts look fantastic! Well done! Great motivation for me to finish MY two quilts that are supposed to be Christmas gifts... there's still time, right? =)

Amber said...

Love the new blog look - so cute! And both quilts are just can really see the quilting in the second photo - looks great!

Jacki said...

The new blog looks great... plus I love the new quilts and blankets!

Leslie said...

i love the mixtape looks beautiful hanging on your wall. i love the flock of turkey's in your yard. they are so cool arent they?

Corrie said...

oh gorgeous! I've just found your blog and love it! I'm a mummy of twins so loved your blog name!

will be back again! oh and I love pop garden and love love love heather bailey!

Jennifer said...

some great stuff on this blog....loving it all.. Happy Holidays..Jennifer