Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Days

So, sometimes it can be a lot of fun when you're held up at home because of a blizzard. :) I haven't been out since Monday and the kids have been home since Wednesday, but we're all doing good and having fun, too.

Quite a while ago, I purchased these fabrics at Kerri's shop on etsy. I bought a charm pack of the Mendocino fabrics that she put together and a yard of the orange sea horse and octopus fabric. The orange looks a bit different here in the pictures, but it's not like I had any good light to take pictures in. :)

The orange and the light blue color are really pretty together. There's a little brown, peach and gold mixed in, resulting in a very interesting color combination for the quilt.  It really looks much nicer in person.

I didn't have much of a plan when I started sewing. The charms started out in nine patch blocks and then they got cut up. Borders were added and along with sashing and another border.  I'm out of batting so just the top is made at this point.

Then I pulled these blocks out of the depths of my unfinished projects pile. A long time ago (when Pop Garden and Bijoux) first came out, I sewed these little blocks together. I saw a quilt that Elizabeth had made and thought it looked like fun to cut apart some squares and rearrange the parts.

I really wasn't thrilled with my fabric selections when I first made them, but now that they are sewn together with sashing, I really like it. I was even thinking that it kind of fits in well with our Christmas decorations.  But this one will have to await finishing, too. The snow needs to stop soon so I can go buy some batting.... or maybe I should just order some online... Snow Days have been kind of fun after all!


Jenny said...

I think your Mendocino quilt is just lovely...the colors are so nice.

Beth said...

Love the Pop Garden quilt!

Leslie said...

both of these are lovely. i really love how you separated the disappearing 9 patch blocks with borders and sashing.