Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finished Snowball Quilt

Snowball Quilt
I've been on quite a sewing kick the past few weeks and this is my third quilt of the year! I did end up stippling this quilt for the quilting and am really happy with how it turned out. It washed up extremely crinkly and I think that goes so well with these fabric designs.

Snowball Quilt

Snowball Quilt
The picture shows about half of the quilt; it's made with 10 blocks across and 12 blocks down.

Swell Snowball Quilt - back
For the backing, I made some wonky log cabins with some of the extra fabrics. I really enjoyed making those blocks... I'm going to have to make some more! The offset design of the four blocks in the corner is like what Ashley over at Film in the Fridge does. I can see why she makes that style of quilt, they're fun to make and look great, too!

Snowball Quilt - rolled
Quilt stats:
measures approx.: 48" x 55"
cotton batting
handstitched binding
printed fabrics are from the Swell collection by Urban Chicks for Moda
solid fabric is Kona Snow

Here's a great tutorial for a snowball block, if you're looking for one. (In my quilt, the patterned squares started out at 5" and I used a 2" solid colored square in each corner.) It's a simple quilt that is quick and easy to make!


A. said...

Wow, 3 quilts already! That's awesome! btw I love your new banner... at least I hope it's new... I haven't clicked out of google reader in a while... :)

Leslie said...

3 quilts already is amazing. go you!!! this looks beautiful and is going on the list of quilts that i want to make this year.

Michele said...

That's so pretty! Three already? You go girl!

Cristin said...

What a lovely little quilt! 3 already this year? Thats in 13 days - man I need to find out your secret! ;-)

Suzanne said...

Very pretty! We're only two weeks into the year and three done already? Wow! Think of what you'll be able to accomplish this year if you keep going at this rate :)
I don't know how I came across your blog (lemonade stand award maybe?) but I was drawn right away because although my sister and I aren't twins we have a blog together. Lots of fun!

solomi558 said...

I love snowball quilts, I made one about the same size as yours , I fold it and hang it down the side of the wardrobe

Beth said...

Snowball is one of my favorite patterns. This is lovely!!

Megan said...

How simply elegant! It's so beautiful!!

prashant said...

this looks beautiful and is going on the list of quilts that i want to make this year.

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sallgood said...

This is so pretty- a friend sent me to your blog to see it! :)