Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Modern Times Quilt

Modern Times Quilt folded on crib
Well, I am so pleased about the way this one has turned out! Several people have commented that I should make a pattern for this quilt and I think I'm going to start looking into that. That should be a good challenge for me this year!
Modern Times Quilt - front

Modern Times Quilt - back
I've been wanting to make a striped quilt for some time now, so I thought that would be a good idea for the backing on this one.
Modern Times Quilt - folded
Here it is all folded up...
Modern Times Quilt - front hanging
and a few more pictures of it hanging on the crib. Wouldn't it be great for a modern designed baby room?! I'll be listing is soon in the twinfiber etsy shop.
Modern Times Quilt - back hanging
Quilt stats:
measures approx. 36" x 40"
cotton batting
handstitched binding
printed fabrics are from the Rainbow Garden collection by Prints Charming
Kona white and coal are the solids
Please let me know if you have any questions!


Jenny said...


Katy said...

Such a gorgeous quilt!! And it would make a great pattern, love it!


Cristin said...

Stinkin' gorgeous! I'll be starting my baby's quilt this week, probably something simple... but I'd love to have this pattern if you decide to create one! So lovely!

Cara said...

I love it. I think it would be awesome with cityscape or transportation themed fabric for the print blocks.

beth said...

lovely!! I like the way it's hanging on that cute crib too!

Jacki said...

You do such nice work! The buyer will be very happy to get this in the mail!

Inspirational Baby said...

I agree! You should totally make a pattern for this one because I would love to buy it. This quilt is gorgeous!

megan said...

Such a sweet baby boy quilt. A pattern would be awesome ( even though I only have a girl now I am hoarding baby boyish prints just in case someday;)

Leslie said...

oh yes please make a pattern...this is beautiful. it was lovely as a top but all quilted up it is even more amazing.

Anonymous said...

That's one gorgeous quilt! I really love the grey around the blue/green - fab colour combo!

SandyQuilts said...

is this your own pattern?

I love it.

Raven said...

wow! it's so beautiful and unique.

mab said...

Just found your blog and this quilt -- GORGEOUS! Pretty please post a tutorial!

Erin Aloisio said...

Oh, LOVE this!!! Do you have a pattern for this???