Friday, February 5, 2010

Nicey Jane Baby Outfit

Nicey Jane Baby Outfit
Well, I've sewn another baby outfit for little R. this week! (I'm waiting for some fabric to come in for a big string quilt project.) Jennifer gave me some Nicey Jane fabric scraps from a quilt project she is working on, so serged them together to make the bodice and ruffle on the pants.

Nicey Jane Outfit - bodice

The top is from the same Sandi Henderson pattern (Claire) as the dress from earlier this week. I just shortened the length to make it a top and I omitted the apron. It's a great pattern and very versitile, too. This outfit is in the 6-12 mo. size.
Nicey Jane Outfit - hemline
I also love the ruffle pants pattern, too. Although, mine always seem like they end up really on the slim side. Has anyone thought that, too? I had to redo my seam allowances to the minimum amount on these and I'm hoping they will fit R. for a few weeks!


I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Great job! Love Nicey Jane. I've been wanting to get into making clothes for my two year old this year but have been scared!

Leslie said...

this is adorable

lindsey deyoung said...

SOOOooo cute!!

Vickie E said...

that is cute...thanks for sharing

Susan said...

this is darling! Makes me want to have another baby just so she can wear that!

Angela said...

sooo cute!!

CK said...

Love thr outfit and yes, the PP ruffle pants come out very slim fitting, it's not just you :)

°°Marsh-Mellow°° by B@ said...

hello! but beautiful clothes for your girls!
I am keen on your beautiful blog!
I hope that makes you glad to know that I have nominated for "The Sunshine Blog Award
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Domina said...

Cute outfit - too bad I can't talk my 8 yr old into wearing stuff like this!