Friday, February 19, 2010

Pillow Talk Swap - Getting Started

Pillow Talk Swap - getting started

I feel like my weeks are just flying by and I really needed to get started on my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap on Flickr!
Have you seen the quilt along that Kellie is doing over at the Don't Look Now blog? I'm using her pattern (Joseph's coat) for the pillow for my swap partner. I thought that making a pillow would be a good way to learn this technique and it's small enough that I finish it in time.
Pillow Talk Swap - preview

Here's a few of the segments that I have done. They're not too hard to make..... I think I'm going to make 30 of them and arrange them on the pillow front (like you see them laid out on the drawing in the first picture). For this swap project, I'm sure that my partner will love it.... 'cause I really like it myself! :)


MandMStudio said...

It's going to be amazing...can't wait to see it finished

Amber said...

am crossing my fingers that I am your partner - this looks so gorgeous!!

Andi said...

Gorgeous fabric and awesome pattern.
It will be stunning.

Beth said...

I've been following Kellie's tutorial with interest, but I'm not quite ready to commit the time to it. You'll have to let me know how time consuming it is! Looks great!

kelly lautenbach said...

It's beautiful! :) I was thinking about using this one for my partner... Great minds? I think so! :)

wishes, true and kind said...

I was going to make a Joseph's Coat quilt, but never got started and still have so many other projects going. A pillow is a great idea!