Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer Dreams Petal Knot Dress

Summer Dreams Petal Knot Dress

I know it's been quiet arounde here the past few months, but I've had a sick little boy for quite a while. I feel like we're finally getting over all of our sickness and I'm ready to move on! It's spring and we should be out and enjoying the warmer temperatures.

I've had the fabrics for this dress picked out for quite a while. The bodice is made from a vintage sheet that I received from Oh Fransson's swap oh so long ago! I love that print and thought it would be perfect in a dress for a little girl.
Summer Dreams Dress - bodice

I used a pink cotton gauze fabric for the dress portion and I really like how it adds a great texture to the dress. It's light weight and airy... perfect for a warm summer day. I made the dress extra full, so that you don't have to worry about it being see through.
Summer Dreams Dress - hem

This one is up for sale in my etsy shop! It's truly a one of a kind dress and will look so adorable on a sweet little girl. The dress is a size 4T (there are more measurements of it in the etsy listing).
Summer Dreams Petal Knot Dress

The pattern is my version of Sandi Henderson's Claire Dress. (p.s. - you can't see the seam allowances on the bodice, it's just the sun shining through it from the back when I was outside taking pictures)

Have a great day!


A. said...

Incredible! This is my most favorite thing I've seen in a long time... beautiful color and texture combinations... I love the idea of using gauze for a summer dress. And that vintage sheet is just amazing.

Beth said...

I love it -- in fact I want a shirt like this!!

megan said...

It's beautiful! The gauze was a great idea!

Jennifer said...

Awesome! You'd think there would be a limit to how cool you could get. But apparently there's not. I wish it was in my size, LOL!

Magnolia Designs said...

Love it, it is beautiful! I am working on my own version of the knot it

LittleYellowBird said...

I love this! Of course, I'm about 2.5 late to the party so it is long sold. :(