Wednesday, July 14, 2010

K's Sugar Snap Quilt

Sugar Snap - design drawing by my 10yr. old
You know you're in a little bit of trouble when your 10 yr. old runs off with your graph paper and comes back with a quilt design! She even has measurements on there... 60" x 80"... that's a pretty big quilt!
So, how can you say "no or not now" when she even comes back with her own stack of fabric?
Sugar Snap fabrics
She received these pretty fabrics (Sugar Snap by Melissa Averinos) a while ago for a birthday gift and we were able to find a few more to add to the collection over at Purl (bonus: they were even on sale!).
Sugar Snap Quilt - a few blocks made
So, I am the designated rotary cutter, trimmer and ironer (if that is a word)! K. gets to sew and pin... and we're working on sewing all those pinwheel blocks together. We have just about 1/2 of them done.
I helped her out by making the binding (below).
Sugar Snap Quilt - binding
I can't think of a better summer project than making a quilt with my girl.
I'm sure this one will immediately replace the one I just made her on her bed, but that's ok?! :) I know she's already really proud of the way this one is turning out.
Is anyone else making a quilt with their child? I thought it might be fun to start a quilting with kids group on flickr.


Kristen said...

Jessica: I have an 8-year-old that is begging me to teach her to sew, so I think the flickr group would be fun! Also, how do you make such perfect binding???? Mine is never so even. Do you use a binding machine?

Annelies said...

I am sewing with my child....she is 29 (G), but still SEW much fun!!!! She is making FOUR quilts for all of her pregnant girlfriends. A great summer project for us to work on.

Kirsty said...

My four year old just asked me if I can teach her to sew and cook when she's a 'big girl'. I said I thought we'd probably start when she's ten. I also said that her brother will also know how to sew and cook before he leaves this house! Equal opportunities all 'round!

Domina said...

OK Super mom! I love the fabrics you're working with - wonderful colors. If K wants to give up her tulip quilt, I know another girl who'd love it! ;)

Michelle said...

How fun! Love her pattern and the fabrics!!

NorahS said...

I made a quilt with my (19 year old) daughter last summer. It was also a pinwheel quilt but we alternate with plain blocks. We didn't do any sashing but it had two borders. It is now on her bed at college 1600 miles away from me! It is the biggest quilt I have machine quilted so far.

Tina said...

My 11 yr old (Miss K) likes to sew, but she isn't very good at sticking with it, or following through. I thought a Harry Potter quilt would be a fun project this summer. She is designing the blocks. We've only got 2 so far and she seems to have lost interest. I'm jealous of your summer quilting project with your girl! Sounds like fun! Let us know if you set up the flickr group.

amandajean said...

Wow! What a fun project to work on with your girl!! It looks great so far. :) my daughter is 4, so she's not sewing yet, but she designs quilts with my scraps. I've yet to sew one together, but one of these days I need to. How fun would that be?!? Goodness, I have plenty of scraps to go around. :)

One for a wish.. said...

I'm in the middle of a quilt with my nine- year old girl. Just basic squares but she's going wonderfully. I'm glad to have her catch the bug..maybe someone will then actually use up some of this fabric!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the squares that K has sewn. Beautiful work. Can't wait to see it all done. ~ Aunt Jan

Patty B. said...

How fun that your daughter wants to sew. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I used to ask my daughter if she wanted to learn to sew and her answer was always, "Yes, but not right now, Mom." Now that she's 31 with a family of her own, she wants to sew. Not so easy to teach her now since she lives in TN & I live in CA.