Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Patch!

Hello Patch!

Have you made one of these cute little puppies, yet?
You can find the free pattern here.
Patch up close

He sure is a cute little guy that can help you use some of your smallest scraps. I gave him a super soft body made out of an old cashmere sweater of mine.
He wasn't complete without a scarf, simply made out of a triangle of fabric.
Patch's new home - safe up high!
...and here's Patch in his new home. He keeps me company while I sew and he's safe way up there from little hands. :)

I also wanted to thank Heather for a super nice post about twinfibers on her blog!

It seems like a whirl wind week around my house. The kids are finishing up the summer swim team and I've been thinking up lot of new things to sew. I'm making more sketches and sewing a few test blocks.

Thank you all for visiting!


synnove75 said...

WOW he is cute cute cute!!! I love the way the old sweater makes him look so fuzzy and soft:-)

Leslie said...

oh my he is so so adorable!

Susan said...

He is darling!!! Thanks for the link for the pattern too : )

~Niki~ said...

*sew cute*

QuiltyGirl said...


I also love the cog and wheel quilt on the wall. I've wanted to make that quilt for awhile, but I made my sister a king size "stacking the odds" and I'm not sure that I'm up for another DS quilt with all of those template pieces!

Heather said...

YOU gals... are more than welcome... your newest creation only verifies my opinion of your crafts!! :)

Manda said...

awww he is so cute!

trish said...

Oh if he is not the cutest! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Jessica said...

Lovely! My son needs one of those.

Isa said...

He is so cute!!
And looks so soft. Thanks for the link, it will go on my to-do list for sure :-) said...

Hi There,

Patch is sooo cute! I love your craft space too. Where did you buy the white shelves? Can they be ordered online? I'm in the UK and can't find anything like this.

twin fibers said...

Thanks, everyone!
The little shelving unit came from Michael's craft store, and was made by Making Memories (sorry, I don't know of the exact name of it). I bought it a couple of years ago and I'm not sure if they make them anymore.
:) Jessica