Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Progress and process...

Floral Bouquet Quilt - starting to quilt
Progress on K's Floral Boquet quilt is coming along.

I've added the border, a scrappy assortment of some of the fabrics leftover from the jelly roll, and started quilting this little corner at the bottom.

Floral Bouquet Quilt - twin size with border
I'm still not sure about all of my fabric choices, but I went with it and we'll see how it turns out in the end. I really think that I should have used more fabrics with a solid color background rather than quite a few with a creamy colored base. And, I'm still really surprised at how much the lime green stands out.

I guess you never know how it's going to turn out until you give it a try.

I'm also really taking my time stippling this quilt. I've turned down the speed on my machine and that seems to help me not feel like I have to go so fast. I think it gives me a little more time to see where I need to go and what stitches are already there. This evening, I have about 1/2 of it quilted; another hour or so of sewing and the quilting should be done.
Floral Bouquet Quilt - folded
It does look pretty all folded up there, doesn't it?!
K's room is painted a pretty shade of light teal blue and she has hot pink curtains, so the quilt should fit in nicely with that decor.
Floral Bouquet Pillow
When making the quilt, there is one block leftover from the quilt top.
I could have used it on the backing, but I thought a coordinating throw pillow would be nice to have, too. I added some more of the extra pieces from the jelly roll around the bouquet block and quilted the front of the pillow.

Floral Bouquet Pillow - side
I like to make my bed throw pillows with ties on the side and an extra piece of fabric to cover the pillow form. Just another fun accent. :)
Can you spot the sneaky ant in the picture!
The Process Pledge
I've also taken the process pledge over at r0ssie's blog.  I think it's a wonderful idea to share more of what goes on with the ideas behind a quilt and the process to get it to a finished piece.
When Jennifer and I started this blog, I really wanted to use it as a way to keep track of some of the things I have made and it was also a good way to keep me motivated to work on and finish a project. I'm hoping that I can share more of my process, take more pictures of it along the way, and to take more time to create new things.


Hollie said...

Super gorgeous! I am always inspired by your work!

Jeni said...

This is really beautiful! Love the mix of fabrics you used!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is just beautiful and the ties on the side of the cushion are even lovelier!

Catherine said...

Your quilting iscoming along beautifully and I love the pillow with that pretty HB fabric on the back.

Michele said...

Your quilt and pillow are gorgeous! I adore the fabrics you used. So fresh and bright. Great quilting too!

Leslie said...

this is so beautiful!!!

Jen said...

I think the colors are fantastic. I really love how the lime green pops out. A pillow is such a great idea for orphan blocks!

Ann Marie said...

Quilt looks great. I wouldn't worry about the fabric choices. I also like the pillow construction with ties.

Domina said...

At first glance, I thought all your safety pins were yarn ties. My mind even saw them as dark pink or red! The pillow is great, your details give it zing!

euphoria said...

stunning!! I love all the colors, and that pillow is just as amazing!

trish said...

Love your post. Your quilt is just beautiful and such a sweet process. :o)
I took the pledge too.
What a neat idea.
Sincerely ~ Trish

PatrĂ­cia | Oh! Maria said...

so sweet! I love your work!

Blue.Ridge.Girl said...

This quilt and pillow are so pretty! Would you consider making a tutorial on how you do your pillows? I really like how you close up the side :o)