Sunday, August 1, 2010

Darla String Quilt

Darla String Quilt - detail

I've had a bag of these fabrics left over from this quilt project sitting in my scrap box for a long time. Yesterday, I decided something should be done with them (and I know someone who just had a baby girl, so this will be a perfect gift for them). I started out by making a wonky star with the leftovers, but I really wasn't liking that with these fabrics.
Darla String Quilt - hanging

I really liked the Carnival String quilt I made earlier this year, but wanted to try making it with out foundation piecing or paper piecing. It worked great and the weight of the quilt top it is so much lighter.

I have a 10.5" square ruler, so I just used that to make sure that the next strip of fabric being added was long enough before sewing it on. It's such a faster way to go, although there are lots of bias cut edges that you have to be careful with.
Darla String Quilt

The overall size is 40.5" x 50.5".
Darla String Quilt - squares
This was the perfect solution for the left over fabrics. I have a very small pile of pieces left, and I couldn't have made any more blocks. I'm so glad I had enough to make the last one. :)
Now, I really think I should finish the first Darla quilt that I started.... I see that post was from July of '09!


Manda said...

Very pretty :)

Kate said...

It's beautiful!

Rene' Sharp said...

Love the design & look of this, and the fabrics are yummy. It will be gorgeous when it's finished!

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Adorable! I love those sweet fabrics!

Susan said...

very pretty!

trish said...

I love your string quilt!! :o) Such beautiful fabrics and they are so pretty lined up! :o)
Have a great week.
Sincerely ~ Tricia

Kendra said...

very pretty! I bought Darla fabrics several months ago and havent used them have inspired me to pull them out. :) Oh and I got a deal last week while I was at Hancocks...Darla quilt kit for $24 it had been $60. :)