Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini Pinwheels

Mini Pinwheel Potholder
One of the fun things about keeping a blog, is that I have been able to be reconnected with old friends.
One of those friends and I were able to meet up last week, and we thought it would be fun to do a little potholder swap! We had a wonderful morning, chatting and catching up on the years since we last saw each other.
Mini Pinwheel Potholder
I made this little pot holder for her! It's another one of those paper piecing projects found on Beth Maddocks website called Piece by Number. This is the pattern she calls Petite Posies.
I used two layers of batting and then quilted in the center of the pinwheels with a star stitch that's on my sewing machine. It should hold everything together and not detract from the overall pinwheel pattern.
Mini Pinwheels Potholder - progress
There's a diagram that you can color in to help with color placement within your piece.
I think the potholder measured about 8.5" square.
Pear Pincushion
I also included a cute little pear pincusion.
There's a free pattern at UK lass in US that I altered to make it a little taller and skinnier pear.
These pictures are of the wonderful potholder she created for me. (It's reversible, too!) I love the modern design and pieced binding! I'll use it proudly and fondly remember the fun morning we had together.
Pear Pincushion
... and another image (because I'm having fun playing with my pictures in Picnik).


Weatherbee ;) said...

Love the potholders AND the pincushion! What a great thing to do! :)

traceyjay said...

Holy cuteness Jessica!

love those little pinwheels... and the pear too. :)

Leslie said...

those little pinwheels are too precious.

Domina said...

I'm a lucky friend indeed! Thanks Jess! It was great seeing you! Let's not wait so many years before getting together again, k? :)

Tam @ 1/4 of an inch said...

Love how you have used a star stitch in the centre of each pin wheel...I have just completed a quilt and used a similar idea so snap to you! xxt

Miranda said...

Love the mini pinwheels! they are so pretty! They would look great on a cushion too, thankyou for being so inspirational :)

Beth said...

Wow -- your Petite Posies are the CUTEST! Love what you did with the pattern :-) and such a beautiful fabric selection.

Happy sewing!

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