Thursday, October 7, 2010

twin fibers quilt challenge - Jennifer's reveal

So, I happen to just LOVE Jessica's quilt!  From the time I saw her inspiration and drawings, I knew it was going to be adorable... and it is!  She is also so good at documenting her process etc...and for me... not so much... :)
For my challenge quilt, I chose to make a smaller wall hanging for my basement - my kids love to play down there and I thought this would be a colorful addition to the space.  I had tried out Cluck Cluck Sew's tutorial for the Double Hourglass Blocks the EASY way before and had decided to would love to make a quilt some day for myself using this tutorial.  Thinking these Henna Garden prints would be a good choice, I got started cutting.  I followed the tutorial with the sizes she gave (in case you are wondering what size the blocks are or how to make them etc...).  Anyway, I am still deciding on borders - if there should be any or not, what color etc...  So, we'll see what I come up with... Honestly, this top has been sitting finished for quite some time, so I am just really unsure of what to do- Ugh!  I need inspiration to strike!
Hope you all have enjoyed seeing what we each created - if you have decided to make a quilt too using these fabrics, we would love to see pictures!  If you have the chance to email some over, we'd be glad to do a post showcasing all of the pictures of yours in the future!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Michele said...

So pretty! The fabrics are gorgeous. I love that tutorial. It's on the list. After seeing your beauty, it might need to move up!

Jill said...

This quilt is beautiful! The colors are a great combo and the white is such a classic simple contrast :)

Amelia said...

Beautiful Jennifer!! Both of you have inspired me ... I need to get some Henna Garden prints :)

Shannon said...

Love this!!

Leslie said...

oh wow this is also such an amazing way to use these fabrics.

Heather said...

okay... YOU two are cracking me up... and both quilts are too yummy!! you all almost made me buy more henna today!!

naughty things!


Maryjonono said...

So fresh, I love it!

Frualbertsson said...

This is gorgeous! I can´t understan how she could imagine this and even less how she could make this!!! It´s amazing.

ktquilts said...

Just wanted to share what I am working on with my Henna Garden! Thanks for your challenge to get me moving on cutting into these lovely prints!! I love what you did with them!!!!



SteffiD said...

This is super cute!

My idea for the border(s) would be to make a border of flying geese in the same fabric - if you have any left over. Then add a solid-ish outer border that's thinner. Wouldn't that be just darling in those fabrics?! However, that would be quite a bit of cutting/piecing.

Suzanne said...

Your quilt turned out so lovely too! I definately think borders would look good. First a white one and then...? Someday you'll come across something and inspiration will strike :)

amandajean said...

what a gorgeous quilt!!!

how about you piece more blocks with the print and darker solids to match the prints? that might be a fun border. or you could use charcoal grey fabric for the solids and the prints along with it. just some thoughts.