Monday, November 22, 2010

Book Review: Learn to Do Applique in Just One Weekend

I'm excited to introduce you to this book, Learn to Do Applique in Just One Weekend by Nancy Brenan Daniel and to be a part of the blog hop tour!
This is a great book that introduces you to several different types of applique with a large section detailing how that should be done with lots of pictures and diagrams.  The directions are easy to understand, and I really like the "Timely Tips" throughout the book. Nancy has done the experimenting for us and it seems like using her tips will help make applique easy and fun! Now, I need to get busy and finish up my floral medallion applique pillows that I started a while ago!  

I was able to ask Nancy a few questions about her book and especially about the "First Frost Table Runner" project pictured above. The center portion is done with the shadow applique technique and I think this could be used in so many different ways. I'm already thinking about a pillow with some snowflake shapes and an overlay fabric with a bit of a sheen to mimick the sparkling snow of winter. So, here are the questions that I asked Nancy...

What types of sheer fabrics do you recommend for the overlay?
I have used cotton and or nylon sheer fabrics in the past, but as I was planning this runner I discovered a polyester sheer with an imbedded glitter-like material scattered over it in the bridal department of a chain store. I simply fell in love with it. It comes in a wide variety of colors, but I felt the white offered the best look and contrast for this project. You need to use a very sheer fabric. If I were to use this technique for a bridal or baptismal garment I would use a silk organdy.

Are there any other motifs/patterns that you would suggest for this pattern?
Definitely! One should choose shapes that are easily defined by their contour or silhouettes -- like hearts -- for example. I'm planning to make a holiday table runner using the shapes of a string of lights. If I'm successful I'll Email you a picture. OK? One could use 'snowflake' cutouts scattered over a table-runner. The possibilities are almost endless.

Are there some fabric designs that work better with shadow applique than others?
Of course solids are good, but I do use prints as long as there is enough strong contrast between the background fabric and the 'applique' fabric. The 'First Frost' design actually uses a small print on a neutral background that show well 'in person', but really doesn't show in the photograph. Some of the leaves are also in bold prints... which may or may not show up in the photos.

What is your favorite applique technique and why?
 Jessica! That is such a hard question for me! I have favorite techniques for various uses. For example -- I have a twenty year old Christmas vest, done in shadow applique, that I use every holiday season. I DO like the technique for small projects and gifts. It's very versatile, much faster than most hand or machine applique techniques.

Think I must go with my first thoughts... I love and USE every technique in the book... at different times and for different purposes.

Nancy, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I think you have written a book that is very versatile and the techniques learned can be applied to your own personal style and design tastes. I've already started another applique project... some mod ornament shapes out of vintage fabrics! I'll share how that is turning out later in the week!

Learn to Do Applique in Just One Weekend is available at Clotilde and hop on over to these blogs to see other projects from the book!
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Kirsty@Bonjour said...

Oh, I can't see your photos. Is it me or you?

twin fibers said...

Thanks, Kirsty!
I think I've got it fixed.
:) Jessica

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the pattern and fabrics you used for the quilt featured on the guy who quilts site. It is adorable and I LOVE PINK!


corinne said...

The table runner is beautiful. I am a beginner applique. So this book sounds very interesting