Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gnomeangel and some more hexagons

Have you visisted the gnomeangel blog before? It is a super cute blog, written by Angie and she shares bits of her life in Austrailia and features all things that have to do with gnomes. Seriously, she finds the cutest stuff (and she always has lots of giveaways going on)!
This month, she's renamed the month to Gnovember and asked me to join in the fun! Yesterday, she posted my "Top 10 Crushes" as part of her Blog Love series. It was really fun to put together a list of things that I like! Check it out and you might learn a little bit more about me. :)

Bee Hexed In - hexagons for Chris's block
I've also been working on making hexagons the past few evenings. This is for Chris's block as part of the Bee Hexed In group. I have to choose a neutral background to place these on... I'm not sure what to pick, but I think I'll look what I have in my stash.

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