Friday, November 19, 2010

Pinecone turkey decorations

We're coming up on Thanksgiving over here - next week Thursday to be exact.  I am so excited for family to come over and for the good food that we will eat - mmmm...the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes- some of my favorite comfort foods that just make my mouth water thinking of them!
image20  image10
At my house we'll have a small group, probably around 8-9 people or so and with each year that we host Thanksgiving, I like to do a craft to decorate the table with.  This year I thought that turkeys made with pinecones might be fun.  We found the pinecones at a park nearby, added acorns for the heads, and made the tail feathers using a vintage flower loom and some vintage Swistraw ribbon.  I am so excited at how they turned out - adorable, don't you think?  Hope my family does too :) - Jennifer
(if you are counting the turkeys and noticed I made 10 (and we are only having 8 or 9 people over), we're expecting a new baby in early April of next year, so I thought in future years when we use these little guys that our new addition to our family might like one to look at too!)


Leslie said...

they are adorable!!!!

jednoiglec said...

These are fantastic! Great idea, beautiful looks - I love it!

Victoria Paige said...

Those are just so cute!

Lee said...

Those are ridiculously adorable! My 4-year-old daughter has a pine cone collection. I wonder if I could talk her into turning them into turkeys?

Amber said...

So cute - I knew i should have brought pinecones home form TN! And congratulations - how exciting!!

Sara said...

Great idea!