Thursday, January 20, 2011

ruffle voile necklace and crocheted cuties

So, here's a quick project with really cute results! I've been enjoying collecting images on Pinterest, and when a tutorial for this necklace came up one day, I knew I had to make one.
Anna Maria Horner's voile was going to be the perfect fabric for the necklace. It's thin, lightweight and gathers up easily. I had some bits left over from last years scarf project and you only need about a 2.5" x 18" piece for the necklace. You can find the tutorial here. I may have to trim it up every once in a while when the edges fray too much, but I don't mind!
amigurumi turtle
 My daughter and I have also dug out some of the crochet things. I'm teaching her how to crochet and I finished up some old projects that I started a long time ago! I made the cute little turtle for my youngest son... he calls every animal a "turtle" so it was fitting to make him a little one of his own. The pattern is from a book called "Amigurumi World" by Ana Paula Rimoli. She has a super cute blog with all sorts of cute crocheted things.
cookies and cupcakes
You can even find the free patterns for these cookies and cupcakes there! 
Hope you have a great day!


Rachel Hauser said...

cute, cute necklace!!!

Charity said...

I think that I need more of those cupcakes, NO calories!

Anonymous said...

Very cute necklace! Purchase "Fray Check" at your local fabric store to put on the edge of the fabric to limit the fraying.

Angela said...

Everything turned out so cute! Steve was sitting beside me while I was reading this, and when I pointed you out to him, he said that you look like someone I'd be friends with. Too funny, right?

Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

Cute turtle!
Question: Did you ever to a pattern or tutorial for the Modern Times baby quilt from, what, a year and a bit ago? I got some 2D Zoo and it is just aching to be used in that pattern. I can't figure out from the picture how you assembled the pieces. Or the cut sizes. :)

Thanks Jessica!