Monday, April 18, 2011

Mod Times Quilt Along - fabric requirements

So, here's my drawn out plan for the quilt along.
the plan
I cut my fabrics this weekend because I wanted to make sure that my estimates were right. So, here we go!

Quilt size: 37" x 41"

Fabric & supplies needed:
1/2 yd. printed fabric for the rectangle centers
3/4 yd. gray for borders
3/4 yd. white for background
3/8 yd. binding
1 1/4yd. backing
41" x 45" piece of batting

Scrappy option for rectangle centers:
If you would like to use scraps and make the rectangle centers out of all different fabrics, you will need 13 - 3.5" x 7.5" pieces and 4 - 3.5" x 3.5" pieces.

I've started a flickr group here for the quilt along. Please join in there, if you would like to!

If you are new to quilting, there's a great online Quilt Class 101 going on at Chasing Cottons right now. Rebecca is taking you step by step through the basics of quilt making on her blog (it's free, too).

Any questions?
Let's plan on cutting our fabrics next week Monday (April 25). OK!

(If you don't have time to join in right now, I've made a tab at the top of the blog where I'll put links to all the posts about this quilt. You can find everything there when you're ready to make this quilt!)


Ruth said...

Oh I so love the grey with the colours. I want to quit along, but realistically I have too much other stuff on the go already. I am definitely bookmarking all your installments for later though!!

WillowBean said...

Ok, I joined! I'm excited for a quilt along... I haven't done one in quite a while so I'm excited to work on someone else's ideas! Thanks so much :)

Kimie said...

I probably shouldn't join it, but it looks fun, I might just have too.

Mary said...

I have decided to join in...I will need some kona to go with my fabric, though...YAY!


Megan said...

Somehow I missed the memo youbwere doing a quilt along! I love your design, I may just have to try it at a later date!

Megan said...

Against my better judgement :), I think I am going to have to join in on the fun!

Dawnmarie said...

Just ordered my fabric - hopefully it will be here by Monday! Can't wait to try this.

Erika said...

i'm going to join in on the fun!! that printed fabric is gorgeous! what fabric is it??

i think i am going to be using some aviary 2! can't wait!

Brita said...

Ooooh, it's gonna be so pretty! I'm going to do this as soon as the rush is over :-)

Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

I think I have everything on hand, amazingly enough! But I have been looking forward to this :)

Rachel said...

I so love this quilt. I have been looking for a pattern/idea for a red and grey quilt and I think this might be it! I'll be following along regardless of whether I choose to make one right now.

Catskill Quilter said...

Geeezzz...I will have to wait until I have more time, but I have your site bookmarked (naturally!) and will be back to cut it...who knows, maybe by the 25th I will have some finishes and can sew along?

Val said...

Love this quilt! Thanks for sharing it as a quilt along. I have to finish a few projects on the runway before I can add another, but this is definitely one I want to do. I'll be following along to see everyone's progress!

twin fibers said...

Thanks, everyone! I'm so glad so many people want to join in, or make the quilt when they have time.

Erika - the printed fabric is from the Rainbow Garden collection by Prints Charming. :)


Beth said...

Jessica, is this assembled in vertical strips? I'm thinking I would like it to be a bit bigger and am just trying to do the math!

Michelle said...

It's time for me to start sewing again and this looks like a good stash buster for all my collected fabrics. Can't wait to get started after I finally unpack my sewing supplies this week.

Chrystal said...

I haven't participated in a QAL before and am super busy right now, but am throwing caution to the wind and am going to participate, LOL!
I'd like to make this for a little girl, and would like to get some opinions on that. I'm thinking about using light pink instead of white and red instead of black, and then some floral print for the rectangles. I feel it still isn't going to be "soft" enough though, what do you think?

twin fibers said...

Hi Chrystal,

Yes, I can see what you are thinking about the quilt not being "soft" enough in the design. I am going to be cutting up another set of fabrics, since I didn't take pictures when I cut my initial fabrics this past weekend. In that set, I've chosen a blue/green crossweave fabric for the borders and a more subtle print for the center rectangles. Maybe you could look into some type of crossweave fabric (a fabric woven that has two colors woven together and it looks textured overall). I'll post a picture so you can see what that may look like.
Maybe that would help with softening the harsh lines on this quilt pattern.
I know, this pattern has very distinct lines to it and that may be hard to "tame"!
I hope that helps. You can always e-mail me at twinfibers(at)
:) Jessica

Chrystal said...

Thanks for the reply Jessica! I will take a look at some crossweave fabric like you mentioned. I'm going to go through my stash tonite hopefully and pick something out for the rectangles, and then I'll have a better idea of what might work well for the other 2 fabrics.
I am hoping to give it to a friend who is due in a couple months, but if it doesn't come out just right, I'll keep it for my 9 month old daughter.
I think it has potential to turn out pretty neat though. Just b/c it's for a girl doesn't mean it has to be all flowy and whatnot. Thanks for creating such a modern looking quilt!

Charlot said...

This is my first quilt along. I'm very excited. I would like to use fabric I already have on hand. I'm wondering if the dark gray borders would look okay in a fabric that has a small print - La Petite Ecole Dark Denim Apple? What do you think?

twin fibers said...

Hi Charlot,
I've looked in a few places online this weekend, to see if I could find the fabric that you are thinking of, but wasn't able to find it.
I don't think that a small print would look bad at all, I'm cutting up another set of fabrics and that fabric has a small repeat, too. You can always change the border fabric to something different, if you don't want to pair it with gray.

I'm working on putting together some cutting diagrams for my next post in the quilt along today. Please bear with me, we've had a busy weekend and I may not get it all finished/posted today. Thanks!

Amy said...

I have all my pieces cut and ready.thank you for hosting this.

Tiffany said...

This is a fantastic quilt a long! I was wondering tho if you have the fabric requirements and layout for a bigger version of this quilt?

SarahZ said...

better late than never! So happy to have found this pattern via "the brown needle". the perfect pattern for my "Oh My" and "Terrain" ambition:) Thank you!