Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project Cushions - half way there

seat cushions front
So, I'm thrilled to be half way through making these cushions. They take about 3 hours each to make, which may seem like a long time, but it adds up quickly. (That's about 24 hours of prep work/sewing this week!) I also serge all of the raw edges and that really keeps the fabric from fraying and finishes the cushion neatly on the inside.

Velcro tabs to attach to chair
Each of the cushions have 2 velcro tabs that attach it to the chair.
cushions - stack a
 cushions - stack b
Home Decor book
Some people have asked for the pattern or tutorial that I used to make these, but this is just my own way of making them. This book above, "Sew-It-Yourself Home Decor" has been a great reference for me in sewing curtains, roman shades and some simple upholstery. If you're looking for that type of sewing, I would recommend that book. I've had it for many years and have actually opened it and used it many times.
Thread and Needles for upholstery
It also helps to use upholstery thread and heavy duty needles when sewing with these fabrics. I change my needle quite often and went through 3 needles this week while sewing the cushions. It really helps to have a sharp needle when sometimes you have to sew through 8 layers of fabric and a piece of velcro.
 I hope you have a great weekend!
I'm not sure if I'll sew some more, or take a break. It's been quite a week for me at the sewing machine!


Ruth said...

Oh, how talented you are. These are going to be lovely!

Nina... said...

They turned out gorgeous! Great job and so professional looking.

WillowBean said...

I am so impressed... you rock!

Jona said...

Thanks for the needle advice. I could've used those while making my last handbag (it's made from that thick, coated outdoor fabric). Now I know! Your cushions are gorgeous and I really appreciate all your attention to detail!

Jeni said...

They look so professional! You = amazing! :)

Have a great weekend!!

jan said...

Very nice job again! What cute fabric.

ferne said...

That really is an amazing job you have done! Pat yourself on the back and do something nice for yourself!

I especially like the way you handled the zipper tab thingy...I made some cushion covers several times and found this the trickiest.

Karen said...

Great looking cushions!!!!

Lori said...

So perfectly done. I want these cushions.

amandajean said...

i am totally impressed! they look so great and so professional!!