Monday, May 9, 2011

Mod Times Quilt Along - sewing the quilt top (part 1)

Hi everyone!
I'm going to separate this part of the quilt along into several posts. I took lots and lots of pictures to help lead you through this part.

Lets get started:
Layout your first rows as shown in the picture. We're going to work our way from the left to the right.
On the left side (the half block) stitch from the top to the bottom.
On the right side (the background square) you are going to stitch starting at the top and ending 1/4" from the bottom (see arrow). I like to place a pin where I need to stop to remind me not to stitch it all the way to the bottom.
Here's what that should look like. Sorry, it's hard to see.
Open and press your seams toward the border fabric (green). ***My picture doesn't show that correctly. I did the first couple of blocks wrong and then started to pressing all the seams toward the border fabric. I just didn't go back and redo those blocks.
 Now, you're going to stitch the half block from above to the piece that you just worked on. Stitch all the way across that seam.
Press seam allowances toward the border fabric (green).
Now, stitch on the half rectangle block. Stitch all the way down that seam and press seam allowance toward the border.
Working on the center rectangle block, attach the two squares to the upper left and upper right corners. Start stitching from the top and ending 1/4" from the bottom of the square (where the pins are). See the picture below:
Press seams toward the border fabric (again, in this picture I did that incorrectly).
Now, you're going to add the half block from above. Stitch all the way across this seam and press seam allowances toward the border fabric (green).
Here's what you should have so far!
 Now, we're going to join these two pieces together. Pin and stitch from top to bottom across the seam.
Open and press seam allowance toward the border fabric (green). Do you sense a theme here?
Now, stitch on the next half block. Stitch all the way across that seam.
 Open and press seam allowance (I'm hoping you know how to press them now... so I won't add that in the rest of the directions. Just remember to press them toward the border fabric...the green in this quilt).
Now, we're going to deal with the last section in this row.
With the background square in the upper left, stitch from the top and end 1/4" from the bottom (where the pink pin is). On the right stitch this piece on from the top to bottom.
Open and press those seams (I pressed them correctly here).
Next, stitch on the half block to the top of the piece you just sewed. Stitch all the way across the seam and press.
Here's what you have for your first row! Phew!
Now, we're going to add in the first two cross blocks and this is where leaving the bottom 1/4" of the background squares comes in.
Match your pieces right sides together. Pin the ends first and work toward the center.
Here's one of the ends up close. Pull the rectangle block out of the way.
and here's the other end of that block being pinned. (note: my seam allowance was pressed the wrong way at the ends. They should be pressed toward the border (green).)
Stitch all the way across that seam. Hold the rectangle blocks out of the way at the ends. Press these seams.
Here you have the first completed section!

I hope that this isn't overwhelming! When you start sewing your quilt, I think it'll go quickly and you will see the process unfold and then you'll know what needs to happen next. I just took a lot of pictures, so that those of you who are sewing this as your first quilt can go by the pictures.
Please let me know if anything is confusing or if you have questions. I'll try and answer them as best I can.
I'll work on part 2 tomorrow and get that posted as soon as I can.


Stacey said...

I was really dreading this part...concerned it was going to be super difficult but I've just finished. Thanks for the great directions and pictures!

Amy said...

wow, it might take me all day to get this... good thing I don't have any plans...I will post pics in the group when I get this section done. thanks

Dianne said...

Wow! I'm not sewing along, but your tutorial looks great! Good luck to all those who are participating!