Thursday, June 23, 2011

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt - week 4

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt - all my blocks from weeks 1-4
The week 4 blocks that I chose to make have been more of a challenge this week! I'm not used to sewing with such small pieces of fabric, but this quilt will surely give me lots of practice with that. I really like how the quilt is looking so far with the mix of colors and patterns. Since I'm using all scraps, I'm just grabbing what I can find enough of for a block and going with it.
Here's the two blocks that I chose to make this week:
Century of Progress - pieces
#18 Century of Progress
Century of Progress - sewing
This one was a little difficult for me. The 4 squares that get sewn together to make the block didn't end up being totally "square", but it turned out OK in the end. The block is a little bit small, but it will still be useable. Next time, I think I'll try paper piecing blocks like these. Maybe I'll be able to make them more accurate then.
Century of Progress #18
It sure is a pretty block and I like how it looks within the group of blocks I've made so far.
Buzzard's Roost #15
#15 Buzzard's Roost
Vanilla & Blooms - 16 blocks
And I sewed together a few more Vanilla & Blooms blocks last night. They sure do remind me of a block that could be found in The Farmer's Wife book!


Bobbi said...

You are making me want to buy the Farmer's Wife book.... :)

And the Vanilla & Blooms blocks? Gorgeous!

Sheila said...

I've ordered the book, you temptress you;-). Your blocks are awesome

stefanie said...

Your Century of Progress block is beautiful. I love the fabrics in that one. I have found paper piecing to be the best option for getting my blocks to come out the right size and square.

Michele said...

Such great blocks. I'm trying my best to avoid the temptation.

Rene Louise said...


Your blocks look great to me! Such a modern twist on the Farmer's wife blocks.

Do you starch your fabric pieces before sewing them together? I find that really helps when I'm working with small pieces/blocks.

I can't wait to see this once you have it completed!!

Karenkay said...

Your blocks are beautiful...I just may have to buy the book!

Bec said...

Gorgeous Jess. I love old school quilting blocks with modern fabrics. The best of both worlds! xx

Jenniffier said...

I agree with others that you are making me want to buy the book

kimland said...

I am in awe of your blocks, You make it look easy!

Patti P. said...

You inspired me to get started on mine, so I made 7 blocks yesterday! I am using fabrics similar to what is in the book, so it has a total different look from yours which are beautiful! Having a bit of trouble matching points, but getting better at it.

Val Swisher said...

Oh dear, I feel a new project coming on! I am following a number of people who are making the Farmer's Wife quilt and I'm starting to get the itch to join in. Beautiful work, Jessica!

Live a Colorful Life said...

I just finished my first two blocks. Whew. There were 51 pieces in a 6" block. Your blocks look great!

Leslie said...

these are so gorgeous!!!

Laura said...

Your FWQAL blocks are looking fantastic!