Monday, June 6, 2011

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book
Sometimes I think starting something new is just as fun as finishing a project. Last week I was able to check off a huge item on my to-do list. The chair cushions I started a long time ago got delivered this weekend and I'm so happy to have them done and in their new home. I didn't get any new pictures of them but they look just like the seat portion.
So, I rewarded myself with a little sewing and a start of a new quilt. Angela and Amanda have started up a quilt along of sorts. They've decided to start a support/inspiration group and work their way through the The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book and make it a goal to sew a couple of blocks each week. I got a little ahead of myself and made 5 in one night. Although I did start with the easy ones and just figured out the math so I didn't have to cut out templates.
Rainbow Flowers #73
Rainbow Flowers #73
Flock #34
Flock #34
The fabrics I'm using are all coming from my scrap baskets. I like how colorful everything is turning out so far.
Contrary Wife #21
Contrary Wife #21
Churn Dash #20
Churn Dash #20
Bowtie #10
Bowtie #10
Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks
 And here's the five of them all together. This should be a great project and really do-able. Two blocks a week will be nice and relaxing for me.
This week Thursday I would like to do a wrap up post about the Mod Times Quilt Along. If you have any pictures of what you've done please email them to me or add them in the flickr group! I'd love to be able to show off what you've made.  I'm still working on quilting this one and hope to have it done for Thursday.
We also seem to be gaining lots of new "pets" at our house over the past couple of weeks. This ant farm joined us a few weeks ago and then a bunch of salamanders/lizards (I'm not sure what they are) were found in the woods this weekend and now we have them as pets, too. Ugh..... not my favorite type of pets, but the kids really like them. It's the goat that was mentioned (by my husband) in the car ride home yesterday that has me really worried!
:) Jessica


Kristen said...

Your blocks look amazing! I love the colors!

Bridget Boyle said...

(I posted this to your flicker page, but wanted it here.)Love the fabrics you are using for the sampler quilt. You have inspired me and I want to buy that book1


Megan said...

These look amazing Jessica! I think I am going to have to make a few more today! :)

traceyjay said...

AH! I'm a Farmer's wife for goodness' sake! :)

I'm totally against the templates, and not sure that I have the time to do math right now... but I really, really like your fabric choices. So cute. :)

Melanie said...

I love your blocks so far! I'm waiting not so patiently for my book to arrive, and then I'm going to get started. I think I might actually be able to handle a couple of blocks a week!

Anonymous said...

Your blocks look fab! I'm keeping to a really limited colour palette for the quilt along, but seeing all these colourful scrappy blocks is seriously tempting me away from it.

Manda said...

Eeek! I think I'd prefer the goat!
Pretty blocks, love the colours!

Angela {fussycut} said...

i LOVE your blocks! they are so cute, and that is great they are all from your scraps. your quilting looks wonderful on your latest, I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing!
And FUN, new animals! Goats are a blast. :)

Dianne said...

I am having so much fun watching everyone's Farmer's Wife blocks pop up all over blogland! Awesome that they're all coming from scraps! That makes it even better...really...

Michelle said...

just love how your colours are turning out for your sampler. I think we sometimes get so caught up in things matching, that we forget how much fun it can to have a wonderful eclectic mix. Its a look that I'm really loving at the moment! Michelle x

Charity said...

I jumped on the quilt along band wagon yesterday too. I just couldn't resist after I had started and had unfinished attempts.
Anyway your blocks look wonderful. I love all of the color and the scrappy part. It doesn't make me feel so intimidated to mix different designer fabrics.
P.S - I wouldn't worry about the goat to much. They could turn out to be a fabulous pet. Especially because they live outside of your house, unlike the dog who prefers my couch.

Domina said...

Ha! You DO like large projects, don't you? :)

Needlefood said...

Love your blocks, and I'm kinda keen to join in - can you tell me a bit more about the instructions in the book? A few of the reviews make it sound a bit light on detail - any words of reassurance for a reasonably new quilter? :) Thanks, Michelle

Library Gal Quilts said...

Any chance you could share the math? I really dont want to do the templates... It is holding me back! Thanks and i love your blocks...the happy fabrics we all know and love...wouldnt those farmer's wives be inspired!