Friday, June 10, 2011

Mod Times Quilt Along - Wrap Up!

I've really enjoyed leading you through the process of making this quilt! Let's take a look at some of the finished quilts that have been posted in the flickr group.
Mod Times Mosaic #1
quilts by freshlypieced and linzsews
Mod Times Mosaic #2
Mod Times Mosaic #3
quilts by linzsews and craftycupboard
Mod Times Mosaic #4
quilts by paris-stella, auburn2001grad and sayonion

Everyone has done such a beautiful job! Congratulations on completing the quilt and sewing along with me. I've really enjoyed seeing all of the different fabric combinations you've thought of. :)

If you've started a Mod Times quilt and haven't finished it or have been scared off by the thought of the inset seams, I'd encourage you just to give it a try and finish it up. When I first made this quilt, I had not done inset seams before and it's really not hard to do. As long as you are using an accurate 1/4" seam allowance when sewing your pieces together, you shouldn't have any problems with the inset seams. I think all the pictures in the tutorial will lead you through the process smoothly!

I finished up my Mod Times quilt this week, so here's some pictures of it...
Mod Times Quilt - finished!

Mod Times Quilt - backing

Mod Times Quilt - detailMod Times Quilt  - wall
quilt stats:
size: approx. 37" x 41"
fabrics: the tiled print is from Picnic and Fairgrounds collection by Denyse Schmidt, the blue/green border fabric is a shot cotton, kona bone (background) and sage (binding), Peacock by Allison Jane Smith for Windham Fabrics (backing)
pieced, quilted and bound by Jessica

Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for visiting!


Alli said...

Thanks for hosting such a fantastic quilt-along! I'm a beginning quilter, and I didn't even realize that inset seams were something to be nervous about -- your instructions made everything so clear. :)

diane said...

they are all stunning, but the orange one and the grey and red one have me saying, "Oh My!"

Very Verdant said...

These turned out so beautiful! I love seeing all the different outcomes.

Cindy said...

They are all awesome! What a great pattern you designed!

Anonymous said...

I so need to get to work on mine - I've been letting myself be intimidated by the inset bits, so I haven't gone far enough to get to that point. Maybe when I've got a day off work again.

Amy said...

Mine was going along easy, I just have not had time to finish it. I will one of these days. thanks,Amy

Brita said...

I do love that quilt. And I'm going to make it. Really. Just have to decide on colorways. Would never have thought of the bone background, so sophisticated!

Ivory Spring said...

What a beautiful parade of quilts.

pasqueflower said...

Love how the fabric combinations totally change the personality of the quilts! Thank you for posting.

LeAnn aka pasqueflower

Angela {fussycut} said...

good for you Jess! they all turned out so beautifully, yours especially!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for a great sew-along. Thanks also for putting my quilt up on your blog (paris-stella) your instructions were fantastic and the quilt came easier than I thought. I hadn't made a quilt as complex as this before and it has given me the confidence to try new things. Thanks again!!!

Karen said...

My top is finished and now I have to quilt it! Thanks for this fun pattern!

Nikki said...

I have been looking and looking at this all summer and I finally just decided that I am going to "just do it"! The inset seams are daunting, but your tutorial does seem to explain it all well.
I will let you know how it goes...