Monday, July 25, 2011

Bandana Bib Tutorial

Bandana Bib Tutorial
So, I'm sure this isn't a new idea but I've made a few of these over the past few months and found them to be really cute and functional with my 2 year old little boy. My mom has a bib like this made out of a bandana cut in half on the diagonal and I thought they would be fun made out of some quilting cottons (and a good way to use up some fabric in my stash).

I made some more bibs last week and took a few pictures along the way. They are super easy and really quick to make! I didn't get too fancy with making them... they're only going to get stained and washed a million times. Mine have held up really well through many washings. This type of bib is great because my 2 year old can't get it off during a meal time... all the other ones he can pull off or unsnap.

So if you'd like to make some, here's how I made them:

This tutorial will make 4 bibs at one time... you might as well make a few at a time!

5/8 yd. quilting cotton
4 washcloths
sewing machine
Bandana Bib tutorial - a
Leave your fabric folded in half and cut it into a 21" square. Now, cut it in half on the diagonal. These are the 4 triangles you will use as the bandana. Serge or zigzag all the raw edges. Press the serged or zigzagged edges to the wrong side.
Bandana Bib tutorial - b
Place the right angle of the bandana on top of the washcloth 4" up from the bottom and centered from side to side. Pin in place. (You may have to adjust these measurements with the size of washcloth you use... mine measure about 12" square)
Bandana Bib tutorial - c
Start stitching the triangle to the washcloth as shown, going across the top of the washcloth.
Bandana Bib tutorial - d
Continue stitching all around the perimeter of the triangle.
Bandana Bib tutorial - e
Here you can see how I've top stitched the bib and I have these ends left on the triangle (the ties). Just snip off the extra thread and fabric.
And you're done! It really only takes a few minutes to make one and I'm sure you could have all 4 of them done in a half hour.
My little guy with this Bandana Bib
Tie one on your little one and they're ready for a meal!

Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll try to answer them in the comments.


Karenkay said...

adorable....great idea!!

Linz said...

That is SO cute!! What a fun idea!!

Angela {fussycut} said...

aw, those are cute! and D is getting sooo big.

Q @ JAQS said...

That is so cool. Love it!

BTW I'm hosting a 12 FAT quarter Fabric Giveaway. Come by and check it out when you get a chance :)

Q @

Melissa {AllSewnUp} said...

Adorable! I'm done having babies, but there are always baby showers to make people ooo and ahh over these!

Alisa said...

Very nice!

randi said...

this is such a great idea! and your model is simply adorable!

jemilyea said...

I think this is a great idea for a bib and will likely make some for gifts. But I am confused about a few steps. I think I followed the instructions and understand the concept until I come to the last two pictures (just above the cute boy!). I'm not sure what extra fabric I'm to cut off. I think if I could see a picture of the entire bib with the bandana completely spread out, I would understand. Thanks - jemilyea [at] gmail . com

twin fibers said...

Good Morning!

The last two pictures are just of the points of the ties (the part that you use to tie a knot in the back). There is a little bit of extra fabric at the point that you can cut off (it's left over from when you fold the serged or zig zagged edge to the back). When you're in the process of making one, you'll see the little bit of fabric hanging off... like in the pictures.

I hope that description helps more and that you have fun making the bibs!


Memaw and Papa said...

Grandma needs some of these cuties in the drawer. I will be whipping up four today. My girls will come over on sunday for dinner and I know I will be making more. Haha. Love the idea's Cindy

peteralexanderr said...

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Regina said...

Lovely idea! I made them without the washcloth for my drooly babies between mealtimes.

Sewing chick said...

Love this design! Can you tell me what size the triangle is once it's cut out?

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