Monday, July 11, 2011

last week

Spring Song Kit - Flower loom kit by Studio Twelve
Last week was one of those weeks that I'm really glad to have over.
I ended up getting strep throat early on in the week and spent the rest of it in bed. Ugh. It was awful and I sure am thankful for medicines that work and for family that is able to help out with the kids. My sweet sister Jennifer took my kids for a few days and did so many fun things with them. They had a great time at her house (she had 6 kids to care for). The only bad thing is, I ended up giving the strep to her. My husband and kids haven't gotten it... or anyone in her family. It would just be like twins to get/share the same illness, wouldn't it?!
I do hope she feels better soon, unfortunately I know how awful she feels. :(
Spring Song Kit - Flower loom kit by Studio Twelve
I've got a bunch of pictures to share. A new project... (this one above) of a vintage kit that I'm starting to stitch and put together. It's a flower loom kit from Studio Twelve made in the 70's. This one is called "Spring Song" and is in the lime and yellow colorway. I've started embroidering some of the leaves. Once it's finished, it gets stretched and stapled onto stretcher bars. Then I can hang it on the wall... I'm thinking above my bed, since this one is really long and skinny (finishing at 12" x 48"). 
The kits can sometimes be found on ebay, if your interested in them. That's where I've purchased the ones that I have.
All 50 Vanilla and Blooms blocks... ready to be sewn into the quilt top
The Vanilla and Blooms quilt is going well. All 50 blocks are made and it's ready to be sewn into a quilt top. Should be a quick and good thing to get me back at the sewing machine.
Bird Crewel Embroidery - progress
This little bird crewel embroidery is finished up by now, but I thought you might like seeing a little more of the progress. I'm going to staple this one onto stretcher bars, too... once I do that I'll take some pictures of it all finished up.
The Farmer's Wife Sampler - My blocks - weeks 1 through 6
And here's my Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt blocks so far.
Farmer's Wife Sampler Blocks - week 5 & 6
Weeks 5 and 6 blocks included #30 End of Day, #4 Basket Weave, #6 Big Dipper, #39 Friendship. I think it's week 7 this week, so I'll have to open my book up and pick out a couple more to make some evening.
One of the big projects I was working on before the great sickness, was the repainting of K's room. Yes, she picked the color and I think I'm learning to like it. It's very bright and all that really matters is that she loves it, right?! (Secretly, I'm so glad it's only the upper half of the wall... I don't think I could handle the room being entirely that green color) We almost have it put back together and I'll share a few pictures later. She's using my Single Girl quilt on the bed and that seems to make it all so much better (in my mind)!
Ok, so hopefully you've enjoyed the recap and progress on recent projects. I'm looking forward to staying healthy and getting back to the sewing machine.
Hope your day is going well!


Jeni said...

Sorry to hear you were under the weather last week, strep is no fun! Hope Jennifer feels better soon too! :)

Love these kits you're working on! They have so much charm!

Jacki said...

I had no idea you were so sick! I am sorry I couldn't help out! Hope you are feeling better... and Jennifer too!

Kelli said...

Strep is awful, glad you are feeling better. That green sure is bright, but if she loves it, then that's what matters. When I painted my daughter's room pink, the lady at Home Depot said "Wow, that looks like Pepto Bismol. What an ugly color." Thank you...I feel so much better about my purchase now... But my daughter loves it and, like you said, it wasn't the whole wall!

kristastitched said...

oh no, not strep! gald you're feeling better and hope your sister is soon to follow. beautiful embroidery, you're making me want to give it a go! I had a lime green room when I was a teenager. It was electric, and I loved it!

Ruth said...

Sorry to hear you've had strep - it can be nasty! Love, love, love the bird embroidery!

Modern Amish said...

sickness sucks...glad thats over! Althought the green is bright, I have a feeling with your Single Girl Quilt in Flea Market Fancy, a few select items on the walls, and your great taste, this room will be very cute and girly.

I am Just One Mom said...

Love how your Vanilla & Blooms is coming together! That pattern is pinned to my To Make board so you are inspiring me to get to it.

Sheila said...

Love those "Farmers Wife" Blocks

Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts said...

So sorry you've been sick and Jennifer too. Hope she is better soon. Love the bird crewel. So pretty. And your Farmer's Wife blocks look great!

Elena said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well!
On the upside, your Farmer's Wife blocks look ah-mazing! They all go together so well! I'm still lagging in deciding on a fabric scheme...inspiration hasn't quite struck yet.

Angela {fussycut} said...

Gasp, you are allowing your daughter to use your white, FMF single girl quilt? You are one sweet Mom, I don't know if I'd be that generous. ;) All of your blocks are looking wonderful!

beachiesews said...

Everything looks great! I love your Farmer's Wife cheerful!

Angela said...

Hi! I found your great blog while out surfing the web and I love your creations!! Especially your quilts which I wish you sold online. I am not a quilter and have a sewing aversion (thanks to mean home ec teachers) but I sure love yours! Have a good day!

Leslie said...

wow you have a lot of great projects going on...i love that little bird embroidery

heather said...

LOVING the looks of this quilt!!!!!:) love the green of this room too!