Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage Flower Loom Projects

Over the past few months I've been working on a couple vintage craft kits - I personally just love these flower loom kits by Studio Twelve from the late 1960's to early 1970's.  I found them on eBay quite a while ago and finally sat down to work on them (there are a couple of them on Ebay now too...).  The flowers on these projects are made on a circular loom called a flower loom - you can wind the yarn different ways to achieve different effects.  This site has a great amount of information on the different looms and ways to use them.

 The first one I finished is called Flower Tree, which is pictured below - I have it hanging by my side of the bed and it quite nicely coordinates with the quilt I finished for our bed earlier this year.
Flower Tree
It is quite large - 16" wide x 36" tall and I really like how some of the flowers have the petals separated and sewn to the background.
Flower Tree- up close

This next one is called Victorian Bouquet (15" x 18") and it really caught my eye because of the bright colors - they go perfectly in my kitchen/dining room in which I have some curtains I made with Heather Bailey fabric that coordinate nicely with this.
Victorian Bouquet
You can see that some of the centers on these flowers are gathered up to the middle making a pouf- it really adds to the three dimensional aspect of it all.  Whoever thought of these kits was pretty creative!
Victorian Bouquet - up close 

The last one I just finished is called Country Garden and I don't have it mounted on stretcher bars yet, but it will be about 10"x10".  I think this one might go above my baby's bed with a couple other things.
Country Garden
The flowers on this one are made using the Zinnia wrap technique- basically you wrap the yarn around two of the outer pegs as you go around the loom in layers.  It was a little tricky for me to figure out at first but got the hang of it soon enough.
Country Garden - up close
Hope you enjoyed these little projects - I know it is not quilting like we usually post, but I've not been doing too much of that lately- I have a couple I'd like to finish up, so I'll have to keep working on those.   Hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks for taking the time to read our blog! - Jennifer


Jeni said...

These are beyond cool! You guys have been finding the best vintage kits! :)

DianeY said...

You have the date pegged on this to a tee! I remember when that was the rage right when I got out of college in 1968 (really dating myself here). I did a number of them very similar to your 1st photo. They also had kits to make them out of raffia & I did a few of them, too! Guess they all went to the Goodwill at some point in time!

kristastitched said...

oh man. im dying with envy right now. that yellow and green one is SCREAMING my name. what fantastic works of art. go you!

Ellen said...

How pretty! As much as I like the new modern decor like vinyl wall decals, I'm drawn to things with handcrafted vintage flair. These look like a fun project!

pirate said...

ohmygosh! I *made* that Flower Tree for my parents when it first came out! In fact, it still hangs in their living room.

I haven't a clue where the pattern & looms might be ... or even if my parents still might have it. I know that I don't.

Love the 2 other arrangements ... so cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are way too cool. Now, I have to resist this temptation to peek at website.. :) mmm It's going to be hard!

Suburban Stitcher said...

very very cool!

Alli said...

Those are really pretty! It's awesome seeing the different things people like to make to decorate their houses. :)

jeanne e. said...

these are beautiful. thank you for sharing. in fact, these posts and the one about the crewel bird inspired me to look online and find some vintage kits to work on. i am having a blast. i really love your blog. you both do such beautiful work. :)

Knittingand said...

Thanks for the link to my website! I'm going to start a series of video tutorials soon :)

Your pictures look fabulous. I'm always jealous when they come up on ebay and I can't buy them. They cost too much to post to Australia :(

a little bit biased said...

Wow. I've never seen these before. They are really cool and very beautiful. Looks like you did an amazing job! I started following you a little while ago. Cute stuff!


Metta said...

I too have been making these flowers for-ever (which is a really long time for me!) I have my grandmother's original metal daisy makers. Metalic ribbons make beautiful flowers & then I incorpoate them into sisal rope macrame wreaths (really dating myself now) Thanks for the new design ideas - looks like I won't be doing any chores today, going to get started on some new flowers!

Singtatter said...

Thank you for all the eye candies, they are so sweet and pretty!! I'm inspire to try them out!

I'm curious is there any instruction somewhere on the net on the Zinnia wrap technique?

Alisa said...

They are beautiful! I have never seen this type of handwork ever before.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow. Thanks for the smile this morning -- these are just adorable. And now I'll go off and sit in my vintage corner -- where I'll find my little flower looms from my childhood! ;-D (Oh, and thanks for the link -- I need help remembering how to use my little looms!)

Knittingand said...


May I please have permission to use your pictures in my article about flower looms at ? You were kind enough to allow me to use your dandy lion picture earlier this year.