Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Baby Birds - days 6 - 9

They're growing so much every day. Even from morning to evening we can visibly see a difference.
day 6
day 6 - 7/30/2011
day 7
day 7 - 7/31/2011
They were all so cute sleeping with their heads pointed up!
day 8
day 8 - 8/1/2011
day 9 b
day 9 - 8/2/2011
Here's the mama robin sitting on the edge of the nest.
day 9 a
day 9 - 8/2/2011

It amazes me at how quickly their feathers are growing in. They still don't make any noises, but I'm sure we'll begin to hear the chirping shortly!

Previous post about the baby birds can be found here.


Pieces of Sunshine said...

They grow so quickly!

aneela said...

Love these pics, totally adorable!

Rachel said...

Love it, thanks!!

Linz said...

It is amazing how fast they grow!! Wow!! How awesome! Love the picture of the mama!

Modern Amish said...

very cute! how fun to watch them change daily. Thankfully our kids don't get their wings quite this fast:)