Monday, September 26, 2011

Crochet Edge Pillowcases and a Zippered Pouch

Crochet Edge Pillowcase Supplies
I've worked on a couple of small projects this past week or so and thought I might share those with you today.
Crocheted Edge
These are a couple of pillowcases with a crochet edging. I've seen them at the rose hip blog for quite a while and then came across a tutorial through Pinterest that showed one way how to do it. That's how I made these pillowcases and it's a really nice pattern because it shows you how to make your pillowcase in a way that it covers the pillow form itself. You know... when you look on the side of the opening where you insert your pillow, the form is covered by an extra piece of fabric.
Crocheted Edge After Washing
Anyway, I made these pillowcases just like the directions, although I have always wondered what happens to the edging once it's been washed and dried. So, the picture above shows what they look like taken directly out of the dryer. I'm relieved... I thought the edging might shrink up and go all crazy, but it's just a bit wrinkled in the hem and the crocheting still looks good. :) I'll test them out tonight and see how they feel.
Vintage Towel Zippered Pouch
So, here's another one of those kinda quirky ideas I've had. :) I'm still trying to decide if it's neat or not, but I thought I'd share it anyway.
Vintage Towels
I've picked up these vintage towels at the thrift shops when I find a good clean one once in a while. I thought that the vintage sheets are so popular right now, why wouldn't the vintage towels be fun to make something out of too?!
Pouch- supplies
So, I made a zippered pouch out of it to hold my current embroidery project and hoop. I'm traveling to the Sewing Summit in a couple of weeks and I think a bag with a zipper at the top would be great for traveling.
Pouch - lining
I grabbed a zipper and some fabric I had on hand and within an hour or so had a new bag to house this embroidery.
Embroidery progress
Here's where I'm at with the bird embroidery. It's getting there slowly, but that's ok. It is nice to have something to work on while I watch one of the kids at soccer practice.

The ArtPrize competition is going on in Grand Rapids and I'm hoping to check it out later on this week. I'll have to see if there are any quilt entries this year. The one I found last year was amazing!
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Jessica said...

wow, your bird piece is making me want to take up embroidery!

kristastitched said...

cute pillowcases! I've had the exact same thought about vintage towels and have even collected a few. it's hard for me to cut them up though, hehe.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Great projects!! Thanks for the link for how to do the crocheted edging and those towel cases are just too cool.. And I am drooling over your embroidery... it's amazing and nice to have such a fun way to tote it around!

Leslie said...

i love the way the crochet edge looks on a pillowcase!!! great touch! and those pouches are too cute.

Momichka said...

The pillowcases are amazing! Love your work and your blog. Very creative!!

Jeni said...

So much cuteness! The pillowcases, adorable! LOVE the idea of using a vintage towel for a pouch! I like to pick them up to, but then they just get used as towels. I like that they are already worn in, you don't have to wash them a million times to get them to absorb any water! ;)

Can't wait to see you soon!!

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

I love the covered edge pillowcase idea AND the crocheting! So pretty!

And I can't believe i missed that ArtPrize quilt last year. It's amazing.

Angela {fussycut} said...

So many pretty things! Those crocheted pillowcases are wonderful! Very cute pouch, and your embroidery is perfect!

kait. said...

I keep finding out that more bloggers I read are going to the Sewing Summit and it's so exciting! I can't wait to meet you!

Karen said...

Really darling zippered pouch!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Really cute stuff. Have fun at the Sewing Summit!

thedodds said...

Thank you so much for thd tutorial link: I've seen these lovely pillows on the Rosehip site and have longed to know how to do it (her shop is always sold out!) x

Karen said...

I adore your pillowcase. The crochet edge just makes them look so special.

Cassie @ You Go Girl said...

Yay! That's my pillowcase tutorial. Aren't Beata's (Rosehip) pillowcases to die for!? Your pillowcase looks faboo. Did you eat the required chocolates? Just wondering. :-)

Love your embroidery. I love hand stitching. So relaxing.

Take care,
Cassie @ You Go Girl

Cathie said...

Great zipper bag made from an old towel. Very good idea for storing your embroidery.

And... I thought I would flip when I saw your project! It's very cool! I have to tell you, I worked that same crewel piece once. Does yours have a matching piece? Mine did. I made them into pillows. I think I finished the embroidery when I was about 19? and that was in 1973. And I think I took the project on as one that my mom had started some years earlier and never finished! I must beg you to tell me where you got your kit! LOVE it. You are doing a great job.

twin fibers said...

Hi Cathie!

That is so funny.... I can't believe you made the same one! Yes, this one has a matching embroidery in the kit and it came with yellow velour like piping and a zipper and linen to make them into rectangle pillows! Too cute! I bought mine off of ebay... but you know what is even funnier is that Jennifer (the other twin in twin fibers) bought the exact same kit a few months ago at a thrift shop. So, she's making the same ones! I'm sure they are from the late 60's or early 70's... I'll have to look if there is a date on the directions. :) The manufacturer of the kit is Bucilla Creative Needlecraft Kit no.36923, if you want to try and find it sometime.
Thanks for leaving a comment! You've totally made me smile today!
:) Jessica