Wednesday, October 12, 2011

wordless wednesday



angela said...

that's a lot of piecing and quilting!

notes of sincerity said...

* giggling *
It was so nice meeting you.
I hope I did not scare you
too much when I asked to
take our picture. :o) Me
being a total stranger!
Have a nice day. :o)
Sincerely, Trish

Leslie said...

i have a old canning ball jar that i use for my empty spools.....i love looking at it and seeing my work completed.

Val said...

Oooh I have such an urge to spraypaint those some nice bright colors!

**nicke... said...

i have never ever thought of keeping my empty spools. what was i thinking!

Momichka said...

I'm a big fan of your blog. You have such an amazing talent for creating beautiful things, even from everyday objects like glass jars and used up spools.


Alli said...

What do you do with all those empty spools?

Linz said...

That picture makes me happy! :)

April (Polkadot Sparrow) said...

I've always been torn between keping my empty spools or letting them go. I think if they were like the old school wooden ones I would. I like your jar idea!