Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bow Tie Block Tutorial

Good Morning!
I've had a few questions about how I made the bow tie blocks for these two quilts, so here's a little tutorial going over how I made them.
bowtie block - fabrics
above: Here's what I started out with for the quilts.
If you want to make yours the same size as mine (7 blocks by 8 blocks), you'll need printed fabrics for 56 blocks. Most of the time, I cut enough printed fabric for two blocks of the same print for each quilt. Using one 4" x 44" strip of printed fabric, you can cut 8 - 4" squares and 8 - 2" squares (enough for 4 blocks).  Each quilt used 1 3/8 yd. of white fabric cut into 4" squares (you'll need 112 squares).
bowtie block - a
For each bow tie block, you're going to need 2 - 4" white squares, 2 - 4" printed squares and 2 - 2" printed squares.
bowtie block - b
Place the 2" printed squares in a corner of your white square, right sides together as shown.
bowtie block - c
Stitch on the diagonal as shown. I like to add a piece of tape on my machine to show me where to line up the point of the square. That way I don't have to draw a diagonal line on each of the 2" squares. That saves a lot of time, and I've found it to work great!
bowtie block - d
Press the 2" square out and trim off the seam allowance on the printed fabric. I leave the white fabric in place as it helps to keep that piece "square" and provides a little more support for that small piece of fabric.
bowtie block - e
Now, stitch the top 2 and bottom 2 pieces together. Press your seams toward the patterned fabric. Then stitch your bottom and top sections together. I pressed that seam open to help reduce the bulk of fabric.
bowtie block - f
And here you have your bow tie block all finished! Each block should measure 7.5" square.
Bowtie Quilts
Here's the quilts that I made with the bow tie (or bowtie... I've seen it spelled both ways) block. There's so many different ways you can layout this block and make different designs.
I hope this helps those out who were asking about these quilts! Please let me know if you have any more questions, I'll try to help you out.


Terri said...

I love how simple this looks when you break it down. Great for those who are worries about point matching all the time like me. Thanks for the tute. :) You did a great job!

Amy said...

Thanks for the tutorial and the different layout ideas!

Dolores said...

Thanks for your tutorial. My next quilt is going to be a bow tie and you've saved me all the trouble of looking for a pattern/tutorial. I'm thinking of making my blocks a little bit bigger though.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Very helpful....I just need to get up the courage to make one now! I made a pillow -- similar to your fall pillow -- last week, so I'm getting there.

Jeff said...

Thanks so much for posting this!! I've admired the ones you made, and was planning on using this block for a quillow. You've made my planning that much easier!!

Karen said...

Thanks Jessica. Your quilts are just lovely.

Chrystal said...

So I finally made a quilt using this block. I was going to make a quillow with it but am going to leave it as just a throw size quilt for a toddler. And I used tan (almost brown-paper-bag tan!) instead of white. Anyways, I really love it and wanted to say thanks, as my inspiration really came from seeing your quilts!

Anonymous said...

Thank You so much I have looked and looked for this pattern, this was the pattern my Grandmother,started me out on when I was about twelve, she passed away before it was finished,and one of my aunts got it I have always wanted to make it,your information made my day thank you so very much!!


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