Wednesday, May 16, 2012


walk in the woods
We have a new family activity that was started over the weekend. It's called geocaching... maybe you've heard of it before? My daughter was introduced to it through her Girl Scout troop and now she has all of us involved in finding these boxes or containers hidden throughout our community. It really was an a enjoyable activity and I especially like it because all of our kids can be involved. When you have kids within a wide age range (ours range from 3 to 12), it's sometimes hard to find an activity that they will all enjoy.
geocacahing fun
The older two loved being in control of the GPS and leading us to the coordinates of the container. This one was more difficult to find... it was buried underground in a box covered with leaves and sticks. Not to mention, it was quite a ways off the trail by a huge tree. But, that's just all part of the adventure! Our little guy (who's just 3) loved the toy part of it. Some of the boxes contain small toys or trinkets that you can take (and then you leave something else in return). Now I know where all the happy meal toys go! ;) We acquired a Shrek that speaks non-stop!
We've only found a few of the geocache boxes, but I can see this will be a fun summer activity for me and the kids.
yellow flowers
The spring wildflowers were really pretty through the woods.
 columbine wild flower
I think this one is called "Columbine".
pink wildflower
I'm not sure what this one is, but it was really pretty. Maybe it's a "Lady Slipper". There were quite a few of them along the walk. They remind me a lot of the way that orchids grow.
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randi--i have to say said...

We like geocaching too! It's such a fun activity to do locally!

Alli said...

The last one does look like a Lady Slipper and the one above it is Columbine. Not sure if you've ever done it, but on Columbine, at the end of the petals on the other end of it there's a little ball-looking tip to it, if you bite those with your front teeth you'll get a sweet honey taste. We grew up with those all over and that's a distinct summer memory. :) Looks like a gorgeous walk!

Potpourri said...

Looks like a nice family outing.
That is a pink Ladyslipper it is a native North American orchid and on the endangered list here in NS. They should never be picked because they will not regenerate from the same plant.
I love them they are so.... ladylike>

Kristal Dawn Evens said...

Yep Potpourri is right! They're very lucky to see. I love them! Great post

BetsyE said...

We love geocaching! Gets us outdoors a lot more - my hubby loves to have a goal!

TaraB said...

We go geocaching any time we can. My boys call it "treasure hunting"...

donna a said...

It is definitely a Ladyslipper and is endangered here in Massachusetts too. DON'T PICK IT! They are gorgeous aren't they? We used to have quite a few but they are so rare now thanks to overdeveloping. You are ofrtunate to have them there!