Thursday, June 21, 2012

Macy Giggles Dresses for the girls

Hello everyone!  Jessica has definitely taken over the blog writing for quite some time now, but I thought I'd pop in and say hi today!  I have not had much to share over the past few months (or even a year) since having a new baby and selling our home and moving to a new one...  It has been quite some time since I even had my sewing machine out and the other day I felt like I really needed to be somewhat creative and make something.  Since summer is here, I thought new dresses may be fun for the girls.
Macy Giggles Dress - version 2
 So, do you remember in movie "The Sound of Music" when she make outfits for the kids out of her bedroom curtains?  Well, I couldn't bear to store the girls' old curtains from their bedroom at our old house that I had made out of Jennifer Paganelli fabric, so I cut them up into a couple Macy Giggles Dresses (pattern is by Izzy and Ivy Designs).
R in her dress
My youngest daughter is big enough to fit into the 2T size of this dress and it was so much fun to make almost matching dresses for them.  I adore the straps on this dress- they hug their shoulders so nice and the dress really fits them quite nicely.
Fabric flower up close   Flower 2 up close
I also made some fabric flowers - I had not made any like these before and it was super simple and easy to make a cute accent.  I made them removable so we can change them out or for when we need to wash the dresses.
 Macy Giggles Dress -version 2
Here is my oldest daughter holding up her sisters dress - we didn't get a picture of them together since the little one was sleeping at the time, but we'll have to make sure and do that soon.
Hope you all are having a great day! - Jennifer


Alisa said...

Beautiful, Jennifer!

Wendi said...

Adorable.....The dress AND your little one! : )

Theresa said...

Gorgeous and not at all like that fabric from SoM! LOL!

Lara said...

Lovely dresses and what a cutie!

Jeannette said...

so cute, darling helper too!

Lisa C said...

Cute helper and darling dress! Seriously cute.

Tatkis said...

Such beautiful dresses, and I'm sure your girls are happy to wear them!


Jan said...

I love them Jennifer!!

Jacey said...

Such cute dresses!!